Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Connor is 4!


You turned 4 last month. How that is even possible, I don't know. I can still remember that moment that you were laid upon my chest for the first time. The first time I got to physically touch you and kiss you. My heart swells just thinking about it! And now, here we are four years later. You have taught me so much about life and have made me a better person. I have no doubt you are going to do that for other people around you for the rest of your life. We love you, baby boy!

Here are some things you are doing at 4!

*weighed in at 36 lbs and was 39.5 inches tall. You did NOT like putting on the gown because you didn't have pants on! You are much, much better at the doctor now and will even talk and joke with him. You got your shots for kindergarten and did great. I was afraid you would lose it when I told you what was about to happen, but you asked if it would hurt and was ok with that. You didn't even cry once she stuck the needle in, only when the vaccine went in. You stopped crying after a minute or so and was over it. I was SO proud of you.

*have the most tender heart for people, but especially your mommy! I'd say you are still a pretty big momma's boy, but that definitely doesn't mean you aren't a huge fan of your daddy! If I am giving Cade a hard time for not giving me a hug or kiss you will stop whatever you are doing and give me one. In fact, I'm not sure you have ever denied me that privilege, unlike your little brother! I would say that every other day or so you will beg me to just cuddle with you. Momma's boy, I tell ya!

*love to learn. You ask to play "school" frequently and have gotten really good at writing your letters.  Your new thing is asking what letter certain words start with. You can sound some of them out by yourself, but for the most part still need my help with that. When we were filling out the form at the doctors office you were eating it up that I was testing you.

*becoming more and more brave. You are slowly letting go of the need to be in control and are more willing to test the waters. Speaking of water, though, that is one place you prefer to have all the control. Your first swim lesson you pretty much tried to take the reigns and tell the instructor what you were going to do next. It is your defense mechanism, for sure!

*you sleep with every single stuffed animal you own and a few other odd things. And I swear you go through them each night to make sure they are all there. There have been many nights that you have been in your room for 30+ minutes, but you will come out saying you are missing something. Pretty sure it takes you that long to figure it out!

*are all boy. Love every superhero and can turn anything into fighting. Anything into a sword. Thankfully, we haven't gotten into the guns, but I can only imagine that is next.

*keep everyone around you in line. You are constantly telling daddy that he needs to pick up his stuff and correcting me if I say something wrong ;)! You asked me the other day if you could do something and I said, "I guess".  You said, "Mommy, you know that I guess really means yes?" HA! It is a very rare day when we get ANYTHING by you!!!

*really just love life and we can make the littlest things an adventure with you. Your sweet, shy smile is contagious!

Last year we had a little interview with Connor (find it here) and did the same this year! 

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April said...

Happy birthday to Connor! I will have a four year old too in about 3.5 months and it's so hard to believe. Three has been a rough age with lots of growing I have high hopes for better deliver! LOL


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