Monday, May 19, 2014

Cade is TWO!!!

I cannot believe that I don't have a baby anymore.  In fact, I might go as far as to say I am in a weeeeee bit of denial about it. The fact that I haven't even lowered his crib all the way kind of proves it. Oh, and the fact that I still call him baby Cade ;). Oh, well. He can be 55 and he will still be my baby, right?!

There are so many things that I could say about this sweet boy. The first thing to come to mind is that he is just FUNNY. He makes me laugh all day. Half of the time I don't even know where he came from. He is just that funny to me. Whether it be the expressions he makes or his actions, he's just a mess! I say a lot that I feel like I have two 4 year olds instead of a 2 year old and 4 year old, because he doesn't realize he is the little brother. He is brave, which once again, goes back to thinking he is older.  If Connor's doing it, you better believe he will be doing it. For Christmas the boys got a new swing set that has a rock wall to climb up to get to the swing. He had it figured out and was climbing it after watching Connor twice. I love seeing that adventurous side and would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing him play sports! 

He gives the best kisses, but you better get them quick because he never slows down. Brother is on.the.move if he is awake. We nicknamed him the destroyer at a young age and that name pretty much still sticks! Which goes right along with how aggressive he is! The face he makes when he is "wrestling" proves he is out for blood! 

 He is easily Connor's biggest fan. First thing he says when he wakes up is "Bubba" and don't even think about letting Connor go somewhere without him. He will cry and scream the whole time. One day he will appreciate that one on one time with us! 

The boy loves food. Especially meat. He is our meat man, for sure! The only thing I have found he isn't a huge fan of is sandwiches. I can't say I blame him! While his language is still a little behind, he is starting to get more words every day. I just love hearing that sweet voice more and more. I, of course, talked to his doctor about it and we have a date of July 4th to see if he has progressed any. If not, we will move to the next step of having an evaluation done. If this past week is any indication, I think we'll be fine, but it's nice to have a doctor that is so supportive! 

Goodness does he love movies. All things Disney, really. Frozen is probably his favorite movie and you can constantly hear him asking for "et it do (let it go)" or "mo mummer (in summer)" pretty often.  In fact, he requests us to sing them every night. Pretty sure Daddy wasn't expecting that one, but he does it! 

He is showing so much more interest in the potty at this age than Connor did. I really think if I did the whole potty party shebang like I did with Connor, he would have it. And, honestly, I'm not sure what's holding me back since one of his favorite words is "poop" (and the day Connor found out he could say that will go down as one of my favorite memories. I have never heard such loud, deep from the gut, laughter out of him! It was a fall on the floor, tears coming out of his eyes moment. All because of the word poop. I'm in for it!!) His doctor said not to let his lack of vocabulary hold me back, so we'll see! 

Overall he is an absolute joy. He might keep us on our toes, but at least we are laughing while doing it. I know this next year is going to be huge in terms of how much he grows and changes, so I am trying my hardest to soak up this last little bit of baby that he has left! 

We love you so, so much our sweet baby Cade!!!!

Here is a quick list of some cute things I want to remember at 2!

Things I want to remember: 

-Is the sweetest when you lay him down for a nap. You put him in his bed with all his animals surrounding him (the lineup changes, but the constants are his two lovies and the stuffed bear he got for his 1st birthday from Aunt April and Uncle Josh), give him a kiss and he says "Bye Bye, Mommy (or Ah-Dee) and Nigh-Nigh. It's rare when we rock him to sleep anymore, but getting to see that sweet little smile is just as...well, sweet!

-he does not share his food. Like ever. If he even thinks you are going to get something off his plate he starts yelling at you and may even start crying. It cracks us up!

-knows all of his colors. And everything green is bubba's and everything pink and purple is Ella's.

-can point out a few letters.

-loves jumping. He started really working on getting both feet off the floor the week before his birthday and got it down a few days ago. It's so cute!

-loves choo-choo trains and will scream "CHOO CHOO" super excitedly when we go over the tracks. We are planning on taking the train into Nashville this summer with them and I cannot wait to see his reaction!

-we figured out a few months ago that he knew everyone's first names (obviously I am talking about us and his grandparents..people that he typically doesn't hear their first name). He understands and takes everything in!

-loves to wrestle. If you are sitting down on the floor, he is going to tackle you. If you are standing up he is going to come at your knees.

-with that said, he is surprisingly gentle with babies and pretty much points them out everywhere we go and will just lovingly pat them if given the chance. I think it's because he knows he is bigger! HA! Now, he has tried to give Isla (our 5 month old niece) a high five once or twice, but we will work on that ;)

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Audra said...

I love that Cade can be ALL boy, but then so sweet at the same time!!! Those boys are too cute for words. You're a great momma!!!!


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