Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just get sprung already

I did something that I shouldn't have done this morning. No, it wasn't eat a piece of cake for breakfast...although I'm thinking that wouldn't have been a bad idea. 

I looked up when Spring officially starts. Whomp, whomp. March 20th?!?! Something about the vernal equinox? I don't care much for vernal or his equinox. All I know is I am ready for some COLOR! I have tried to hold off on fully switching all of my decor out and I just don't know if I can wait 15 more days. I probably will though just out of pure procrastination/busyness.

You would think going through pregnancy twice would teach me a teeny tiny bit about patience. I'm not so sure. Once I get something in my head, I am ready for it. Like now. For example, I have decided to do a little change-a-roo on the ole hairs on my head. I have made my appointment, but I think had the girl asked me if I could come in right then I would have. Instead, I am waiting another week. (Which, I know isn't long. In the world of hair appointments, it's actually quite a short wait.)

I know that waiting is what makes the end result so much sweeter. But spring, let's just get sprung already, mmmkay?

Yesterday was a good day. MUCH better than Monday. Ella bella and BJ came over... So it might have been the somewhat uninterrupted girl talk that helped. Matt had a last minute opportunity to go to a hockey game, so it was just the boys and I lugging it up to the gym. Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am my boys love going to the gym?? Because, man does it make it easier (read: less guilt) when they go in there saying, "Bye Mommy. Love you!" Or, "My Mama", in Cade's sweet little way of saying bye. I had grand plans of making Paleo Pancakes (love this recipe) for supper only to realize I didn't have any almond flour. I ended up making regular pancakes for the boys and pretty much raided my fridge and threw something together for myself. It was brussel sprouts, a sweet potato, an egg and some bacon mixed together. Sounds a little..umm.. different?? But, it was so good I had it again this morning!

We are headed out this morning to the gym (just a quick 20 min run) and get some stuff for the upcoming birthday bash. I'm getting antsy to start putting all of the decor together, but some of it is so big that I won't have anywhere to put it once it is together. I'm sure my husband won't mind a big teepee in the living room... will you, honey? ;)

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!

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