Friday, January 25, 2013

Love-hate relationship

As I mentioned in my post about some of my resolutions I have decided to train for a half marathon.  The first day was awesome. I went in knowing that I was going to rock it and I did. The next day? Wasn't as good as the first, but still not bad. By the third day I was done. 

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The only thing I felt good about that day was the fact that I finished. I didn't feel that runners high afterwards, at all. I took a day off and was back at it after that. It was after that run that my shin splints started coming back. Thankfully, my fellow runner/mother in law got me some compression socks, which have helped a lot. 

I took a week off for no reason in particular (besides laziness..being honest), but went again yesterday. I did not want to go at all seeing how my shins were still hurting while walking. I went anyway and really tried to pay attention to my form. I have read that you are supposed to land on the ball of your feet. I never could tell if I was doing that or not, but after the first mile my legs started to feel fine. 

Although the shin splints are frustrating, I can get around that. The most discouraging thing is how ridiculously TIRED I am while doing it. After I finished yesterday I could not quit yawning! I don't know if it is because I am nursing or what it is. Whatever it is, it is frustrating!! I did some research on running while nursing and I couldn't find any complaints about that, so I'm not sure.

What did happen during my run yesterday was that I entered back into the love part of this relationship. Overall, besides being tired, I felt great. It helps that I didn't have any negativity swarming through my head the entire if I could just get that to happen every time, that'd be great! I am going to boot camp in the morning, so I am hoping that doing something different in between the days that I am running (with some off days, of course) will help me stay in that love part of it!! I am also hoping that it will increase my endurance. While I think it is great that I am running 3 miles, I also get frustrated with the fact that it is only 3 miles! HA! I am so bad at celebrating my success. I might say positive things sometimes, but I it is rare that I truly believe them. It, ahem, could be because I have never stuck with anything physically in my entire life, which is why I would love to actually do it this time. So I am going to keep on keeping on, and I look forward to that next step and putting a 4 at the front of that distance!! 

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April said...

Wow! You should be proud of 3 miles. I cannot even run 1 mile but I have always hated running. I wish I could find a way to enjoy it but I never have been able to. I've always been an active person (I played softball in HS) and other general sports but never could get the hang of running. You should definitely be proud of yourself!


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