Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eating like a big boy!

So yesterday morning I felt like something had gotten in my eye. I felt around and couldn't find anything and figured that it would eventually make it's way out. The pain progressively got worse, but I could find relief if I turned my head to the right a little bit (weird, much?). So, I just did everything with my head turned a bit. This morning I woke up with it matted shut. Whomp, whomp. I called the eye doctor at 8:05 (while still in my pajamas, mind you) and she asked if I could be there at 8:45. AND it was 30 minutes away. EEK! We quickly scarfed down our breakfast, brushed our teeth and out the door we went. Connor and I got dressed. Cade on the other hand? He rocked it in his jamas. 

They had a great play area for kids and Connor was in heaven. Another little boy came and played and I was so proud of how well Connor played with him. You could tell he was having fun, but wanted me to stay near, because he kept looking over at me and saying, "I wuv you, Mommy." 

Come to find out, I was having some very early symptoms of pink eye. Good thing is we caught it early enough that I wasn't contagious and it isn't all bloodshot and gooey (or burning or itching that bad for that matter!). 

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store to get some fruit/veggies and lunch items. Yesterday at Cade's doctors appointment he told me that he could start eating (3) 8 oz meals a day in addition to a 4 to 6 oz snack if I felt like he needed it. All that on top of nursing 4x a day, of course! He also said that he could pretty much eat anything we ate.  $50 later (seriously, why is fruit so expensive???) we were on our way home to eat lunch. He had been eating pieces of bread, cheese, banana, avocado, green beans and pasta here and there for a week, but today he entered the big leagues! 

His first big boy meal was grilled cheese and grapes for lunch. He did pretty good considering he only has two teeth! I was originally going to make meals just for him, but as of right now I am just going to try feeding him what we are eating while adding in some cubed veggies/fruit. 

For supper he ate 1/2 of a chicken breast (grilled and cut into the tiniest little bites) and 1/2 cup of boiled squash that I had diced up. It took fooooorever, but he loved the chicken. I think it was because it was so easy for him to pick up and keep in that sweet, chubby hand! 

The cutest thing he does while eating is kicking his legs. His little legs are going the entire time he is in that chair! Sweet boy!

Did you make special meals for your kids once they started eating table foods? Or did you just give them what you were having? Do share!!

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