Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deja Vu

One of the greatest blessings about becoming a parent for the 2nd go round is that, for the most part, this isn't your first rodeo. You don't worry as much and you are just much more relaxed overall. It's funny to go through those same little things again and say, "Remember when Connor was doing that? He was about {insert age} when he started it." Whether it be that first smile, the first tooth or learning something new, it always takes you back down memory lane. 

Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, Cade has started pulling up on his crib. He hadn't been able to pull up to standing yet, but that all changed last night. He was fast asleep and all of a sudden I heard him crying and it just sounded louder. I looked on the monitor and there he was standing. I showed Matt and it instantly took us back to when Connor was doing this. It was right around Halloween of '09, which would put him at a week shy of being 8 months old. His entire nap that day consisted of him standing up, me laying him down, him standing back up, me laying him back down, etc.  In fact, I wrote about it here. Anyway, as you can see he eventually ended up just laying his head down.. while standing! Little did I know just how stubborn that 8 month old was going to be when he was almost 3!!! ;)

But, Connor never fell asleep like that. Cade, on the other hand, did. 

Seriously?! He is just the sweetest little thing. Tonight is not even the first night he has fallen asleep like this! Now, before you go thinking that I let him cry it out for a long time, this was after a mere 3 minutes of me getting Connor ready for bed. I knew if I went in there and kept laying him down, then it would just make it worse. I, begrudgingly, lowered the crib so that the visions of him flailing himself over the rail would quit dancing in my head. I just thought Connor was going to be a wild man. As soon as this one truly figures out how to navigate himself, I am toast! 

Did your kiddos ever fall asleep like this?!

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Katie said...

Awww sweet boy! I remember the first time I saw Meyer standing...totally shocks you! You are so right about the second time around...SO much more relaxed!


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