Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cade Daniel::9 Months

Oh, my sweet Cade. I realized the other night as I was rocking you that you had been out of my belly longer than you were in it. That is hard to imagine, but it is also hard to even remember what it was like around here without you. I didn't want to quit rocking or kissing your cheeks, which are frequented with kisses from everyone..especially your momma. You are so loved, little man. 

Your "vocabulary" has blown up this month and you are just babbling away. Mama and Dada are your favorites, but you also say buh buh, nigh nigh, guh guh. You love to talk and still love to shriek every once in a while. I think you know you are going to have to with your non stop talking big brother around. 
I could tell you have been wanting to pull up on things, but hadn't ventured out of pulling up on me. You changed that last week and started pulling up on your crib, which has led to some nap mishaps in the past few days. I am sad to lower your crib, as it is just a sure sign that you are growing up. 

One of Connor's favorite things to do is going with me to wake you up. I am always afraid that his loud crazy self is going to scare you, but it never fails that you laugh. The love you have for him (and him for you) melts me. I pray you always have that. 

You are still as mischievous as ever and into everything. Most of my magazines no longer have the cover to them, thanks to those sweet little hands. Our photo albums are next, I can already tell. 

You love, love, LOVE bath time. If Connor is in there without you, you are trying your hardest to climb into the tub with him. It is hard to keep you in your duck tub, because you want to be doing what he is. I have stopped you from going overboard {head first, mind you} so many times. 

 You love to eat and there really hasn't been anything you haven't liked thus far (besides apples, I guess). I just started giving you very small pieces of things to get you used to texture and I can tell every day is better than the day before. Your love for eating shows.. you are a healthy boy! We go to the dr next week, and I am excited to see how much you have grown! 

 12 month clothes are fitting you perfectly, which makes me wonder how much longer you will be able to wear them. You have the longest legs, but the thing that amazes me the most is how wide the span is of your hand when it is spread out. I think you are going to be a big boy!! 

You finally got your first tooth!!! Your top left gets the prize for coming in first and your right one is right behind it. No sign yet of your bottom teeth, which is so funny to me! 

You have taken a few legitimate crawls this month, but still do the army crawl the majority of the time. It doesn't slow you down, though. You are everywhere there is an open door. And it is a sure sign you are in a room when the door to that room shuts. You love shutting and opening them. 

 That sweet smile you have turns me into absolute mush! We sure are crazy about you sweet baby boy!!!

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MaggieTheMrs said...

Happy 9 months, sweet baby boy! I love writing the monthly update/letter for my little guy. It's so fun, but it also reminds me how fast he is growing. I love that picture of him in his duck tub with his little feet. So sweet!


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