Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend relaxation

I figured out today that this is the first weekend since the first of December that we haven't done anything. It was nice! Don't get me wrong.. I love the hustle bustle of the holidays, but it sure does make me appreciate nestling in at the ole homestead, too! Even more so when you have kids! 

Something Matt and I decided to do better at this year is dating. It is so easy to invest all of your time and energy in your kids, leaving little to none for the person who helped you have them! So, last week we began our dating and are hoping to make it a once a week affair. We kicked it off by going out to eat and to see a movie. We are hoping to make them as creative as possible so that they feel more out of the norm. We might do ordinary things, but with a twist. I am going to document them on Instagram (username:krkegley) by using the hashtag #datingmyman2013 so that I will be able to go back and look at all of them quickly. I'm excited to see what we will come up with, especially since we will probably only go out once a month, leaving the rest to be at home! This week, I came up with the plans. Since I didn't want to spend any time cooking, we just ate some leftovers and played scrabble.. under a fort! I know that sounds cheesy, and I am ok with that! After scrabble, we caught up on some of our shows in the fort. So, all normal things, just being under the fort made it seem more secluded somehow?? :)

Matt had a nice little lead in our game and started throwing down 2 pt words because he thought he had it in the bag. He wasn't paying attention when I played the word "ha" for 22 points, which gave me a lead he wasn't able to catch!! Whoop, whoop!!

We had a good time and it will be Matt's turn to pick our date next! If you have any good ideas of fun things to do at home, please share!!

Connor and Cade woke up the next morning and were pretty pumped about the fort :) Nothing like watching some Saturday morning cartoons with your brother! 
Seriously, the sticker chart has done wonders with Connor when it comes to sharing. I haven't heard the "MINE" word in over a week!!!! I'll probably update on that soon!

After eating breakfast and making sure I had consumed my cup of coffee, I finally took Connor to Target. He had been begging to go for two days! Who am I to crush his dreams?! ;) He loves to go and push the buttons on all the talking Sesame Street characters. Let the record state, GRANDPARENTS, that he does not need one of them. That is totally one of those toys that he would not play with at home! Trust me! 

Matt had plans Saturday night to go watch hockey with some of his friends. Chesley's husband was going to be there also, so she asked the boys and I to come hang out with her and her kiddos. We had such a good time and didn't leave until 9:45! The entire time we were there, Connor wouldn't let anyone but Claire (her 5 year old stinkin adorable daughter) take him to the bathroom. Bless her sweet little momma soul.. she did it every time! I knew he had gotten completely comfortable there when he walked out of the bathroom in nothing but his shirt! HA! I'm am having the hardest time convincing him that he doesn't have to take everything off every time he goes! 

Connor went off to spend the night with BeBe and D-daddy tonight (Sunday) and I'm pretty sure his little brother was missing him! He kept crawling around kind of whining. I think he was looking for him! He did, however, love all the special attention he got in his solo bath! His favorite? Water trickling down his face from me getting his hair wet! And he really starts laughing if you splash him. I hope he always loves water as much as he does now! 

Can I just say I am insanely jealous of his eyelashes??? Seriously?! He did NOT get those from me, that's for sure!!!

So, did y'all have a good weekend? Be sure and let me know if you have any fun at home date ideas!!!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and first - I love the title. :) I have a little boy who just turned 2, and our 2nd little boy is due at the end of March. So...I get that part. ;) I LOVE that you guys are going to try to "date" more. That is on my goal list for this year, because you're right, it's so easy to just invest, the house, life...and forget where you started, sometimes. Looking forward to reading more!

Rachel Easley said...

His lashes-LOVE! So cute :)


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