Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with Grandaddy and BeBe

After church on Christmas day, we headed straight over to Grandaddy (or D-daddy as Connor calls him and which I'm pretty sure is going to I'm just going to start calling him that.) and BeBe's house to enjoy our time with them. We didn't have the traditional Christmas meal, but Becky made this chicken dish that was SO good. I am going to have to get the recipe from her to cook myself!

Connor loved this mooooose (spelled like he says it)

I wanted to get a picture of Connor and Rowen together, but mr. stubborn wasn't having it.

After lunch at MawMaw and Draw's (Becky's parents who live next door), we headed back over to their house to open presents. Sweet little Rowen was so good all day and just let everyone hold him, even though the newlyweds seemed to love on him the most. Just getting ready for the future, eh?? HA! Speaking of getting ready, I was holding him at one point and Matt asked to hold him so he could rock with him :) Made me even more excited about our sweet Cade coming in a few months!
Connor got to pass out presents, which he thoroughly enjoyed!
This boy loves his D-daddy! And I would say the feeling is mutual ;)

Sweet Rowen!!
Connor, once again, got spoiled by his grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. He loves his new tool bench!
Here is more proof of the newlyweds Rowen takeover!!!!
Although I look about 578329573289 weeks pregnant (sitting on the floor in a dress was a bad idea), I had to include this picture because sweet Connor's OOOOHH was too cute not to share! He loves his train set!
He also got some trains, some more cars, one of those cool cars that you shake and it will roll across the room by itself, some books and coloring supplies and his lifetime hunting and fishing license from Papaw and D-daddy!

Posing with BeBe and D-daddy. This is the look of a 21 month old that has not had a nap and not sure why you have pulled him away from Thomas!
Speaking of Thomas, this thing kept him occupied for at least 3 hours. It will run by itself and make noises and by the end of the night we already had to replace the battery. He just played in the middle of the circle while everyone else opened their presents.
Matt and I got some great gifts, too! Matt got a round of golf at a local country club he has always wanted to play at, the movie Courageous, clothes, gift card to his favorite mexican restaurant, a Predators hat, and a really nice beard trimmer. I got some charms for my Pandora bracelet, a gift card to Home Depot to get some new porch lights (which I said might be for a new mailbox.. I hate our mailbox!) and then as soon as I said it, I opened a mailbox! HA! I said I am probably the only 27 year old that received and was excited about a mailbox, but I truly am! I also got a really cute picnic basket and a gift card to Chesley Summar Photography for Cade's newborn pictures. April and Josh got me My So Called Life as a Proverbs 31 wife and this book called The Story, which is basically the Bible that is written in story form. I can't wait to start both!!

Every once in a while he would even lay down and play. Like I said, SO tired!!!!
After presents, we all just lounged around and talked. I don't know what it is, but I love when everyone is there and it is just relaxed. I feel so comfortable and I just love it. Unfortunately, it was too warm for a fire, because having a fire at their place is my favorite!

I'm so glad we are on the same "schedule" as Brent and Rachel, because I would be very sad not to see this sweet face. I didn't capture any of the smiles he was giving us, but he flashes the sweetest smiles!
I think Connor FINALLY realized that Rowen really is pretty cool, because he came over voluntarily and started rubbing his head so softly. Melt my heart!!! I know very soon they will become the best of friends, which makes me so happy!
We had a wonderful, nice, relaxing Christmas day. Very blessed, indeed!!!

***As you can probably tell, there are quite a few pictures on this post and the Christmas at Gammie's that has quite a bit of higher quality than the rest. Thanks Libby for letting me put your pictures up!!!***

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