Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas morning

When we got home on Christmas Eve we had to get ready for Santa to come. First thing we did was sprinkle the reindeer food on the ground so the reindeer would have something to munch on while Santa left Connor his toys :) He made the reindeer food at school and I hope to add it to our yearly traditions. Afterwards, we got the cookies and milk ready for Santa to eat.
As you can tell, Connor was really excited to leave cookies and milk for Santa! I can only imagine how excited he'll be next year!

His big Santa gift was a chair from Pottery Barn. The only problem was I waited too late to order, so I had to get the slipcover from Pottery Barn and order the insert off of ebay. As you can probably tell, it didn't turn out so great for me. The insert was way too small. I was SO disappointed!
We didn't take many pictures because we video taped the entire thing. When we got him out of bed I told him that Santa had come last night and left him toys. He immediately asked if he ate his cookies and milk. I couldn't believe he remembered that!

From us he got some puzzles, books, a Little People toys, and some cars.
Our last Christmas as a family of 3!
Playing with his toys while Daddy and I got our annual Christmas breakfast out. We eat Paula Deen's breakfast casserole and french toast casserole every year and they are wonderful!
He loves having an indoor bike to ride around on.
I love this look! I could just kiss that scrunched up nose all day long!
Ready to go to church!
We had such a good Christmas morning with our little family. I SO cherish those moments and am so grateful for them!


Ashley E. said...

Connor looks SO sweet!!!! I hope y'all had a great Christmas!!!

Angie said...

Great, I ruined your Christmas with my ebay suggestion. :-) So sorry it didn't work out!! Hopefully you can send it back. As always, love seeing that sweet face.....I know it was a special Christmas!


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