Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with Gammie and Pappie

Christmas Eve morning we celebrated Christmas with Gammie and Pappie. We made a rookie mistake and started taking some of Connor's presents out of the package, which led to 3 hours of opening! He did not understand why he couldn't play with each toy. Bless ;).

He got some really cute stuff. Color Wonder pages/markers, cars, some fire trucks
a lot of stickers, some clothes, Cars 2,

An Elmo that has overalls on that has a zipper, button, snap, velcro, and shoestrings.

A Thomas matching game (which I can't wait to play and see how he does. He has an app on the iPad that is a matching game and he does great!)

AND a really cute Superman shirt that you will see in just a second. There was one last present that was as much a surprise for Matt and I as it was for Connor. It was too big to wrap, which made me a little nervous, but off we went to see what it was...


He loved carrying around his friends!

Now sporting the Superman shirt, he was checking to make sure they all made the turn ok..
I love the redneck hair poking through his hat!

Pretty Gammie!!!

Libby getting her leopard pillows :)

Opening my Magic Bullet and Baby bullet!! Baby "C" (name announcement soon!!) is set up when it comes time for him to start eating food! I also got some gift cards, one of which was to Nike. I spent it the next day and am so excited about everything I got! I also got some boots that I had been wanting and some Christmas money. She asked me what I was going to spend it on and I haven't decided yet! I definitely have some ideas floating around.

Matt got some sweaters, some gift cards, a new knife set and Christmas money as well.
Superman and Uncle Kyle.
Gammie opening the drink dispenser we got her.
Pappie with the picture we had framed for his office. It is of Connor and their two puppies. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy task to take a picture of 2 puppies and a 21 month old!
Practicing out the skills of the cape..
I think it works!!!! (I love that you can't tell who is having more fun... Kyle or Connor! HA!)
The whole crew! Pappie with Birdie, Gammie with Bogey, Me with Connor, Matt, Libby, Kyle.
We spent the rest of the day playing with toys and eating the most incredible meal ever. We are still eating on the leftovers and I am still craving them. Oh so yummy!!!

Christmas morning up next!!

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