Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas with MiMi and Uncle Lance

This past weekend we had our last Christmas celebration with MiMi and Lance. They got here in time for supper Friday night and Connor definitely took notice of the "nesents" that came pouring in! He was really good and didn't try to open any that night though :). The next morning when I walked in his room the first thing he said was "MiMi?" We went and knocked on her door and when she came out he immediately asked her about the "nesents"! HA! He hadn't forgotten! Before presents, though, we cooked a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. I was dying to make the reindeer pancakes I had seen on Pinterest and finally had the chance!
The little stinker wouldn't smile for the picture. He just wanted to eat it!

We didn't get very many pictures, but he was so funny the whole time. He did do the excitement jig a few times, which cracks me up. He is just getting so big.

He loved the animals that were in his stocking. Later on that day when we were playing with them he kept bringing some to Cade and laying them on my stomach :) I imagine there will be many times once he is born that he will be surrounded by little toys!
He loves the car case that Uncle Lance got him. It rolls and has a handle. He is in car case heaven! He got a lot of good cars to go in it, too!
Playing with a Cars character car :)
Matching Christmas PJs for Cade and Connor for next year! Can't wait!!!
Opening some books. He also got some Christmas ornaments, a Thomas train track and the trains to go with it. I was amazed at how many of the trains he knew. I don't know how he knows them because we don't watch it that often. Besides Thomas, Rosie is his favorite. I think he just likes to say it! He also got a really cute puzzle and a dual dvd player for him and Cade for the car.
Mom cracked me up telling me about how she shopped for me. She printed off my Pinterest pictures and took them around trying to match everything that she couldn't get directly off the site (like a $800 necklace, for example! HA!) She got me some boots and shoes that I L.O.V.E and a lot of cute jewelry. She even got me some maternity clothes that I was excited about. I didn't ask for any because I figured no one would want to buy something that I won't be able to wear very long, but I was extremely excited about them. Matt got some gift cards, a couple of nice sweaters, the infamous fleece that Coach Dooley wears, some of Aunt Dot's salsa that is his absolute favorite and a daily bible study called The Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy. What a great Christmas!!!

It was a beautiful day Saturday, so after presents Connor and Uncle Lance headed outside to play. Daddy was busy putting our new mailbox up and MiMi and I were cooking lunch. We'll MiMi was cooking while I was trying to organize our house! Connor had SO much fun with Lance, which just warmed my heart. He doesn't get to spend near enough time with him and when we go to Arkansas he is just not the same child. They got a lot of bonding time this weekend as he pretty much wouldn't let him out of his sight!
I think mom had to read this Mickey Mouse book to him at least 10 times this weekend. Kind of off topic, but the book was due back tomorrow and when I returned it today, he BAWLED! Looks like I need to get some Mickey Mouse books!
We had such a good time celebrating with them and it always makes me so happy when my family gets to see the fun, crazy side of him!


Angie said...

4 Christmas celebrations...whew, girl! I get tired reading about it! ha. Love seeing how excited Connor was with everything!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWW...looks like ya'll had a wonderful christmas albeit insanely busy!!! I love love love the reindeer pancake...had to "pin it" so hopefully I can do something cute like that for Addie next year!!!

I know its late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family:)

Janelle said...

Love the pancakes!


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