Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leaving the mud puddles

Last March I read Beth Moore's book Believing God while on our cruise. It really hit home for me and started me on a great journey of studying God's word daily. I am sad to say that ended once I found out I was pregnant. First it was because I was so sick I couldn't even read without getting naseous and then I just fell out of it. I decided recently that had to change! How can I expect to REALLY be a good wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend if I don't have my priorities in the right order?
Therefore, I chose to start reading Believing God again. While reading the first chapter I came across a paragraph that really stuck with me. I'm just going to quote it:
"A few months ago I was taking my usual route on my morning walk when I came upon a simple scene with telling application. Four ducks were splashing in a mud puddle in the sidewalk while a large, pristine pond was just over a small hill. I stopped in my tracks and stared. I felt like God was saying to me, "Beth, that's my church. My blood-bought, Spirit-promised church splashing in a mud puddle with a sea of living waters within her reach. Just on the other side."
Wow. . .that is me. I have been trying to convince myself these "mud puddles" is where I am supposed to be when all along I knew there was a large pond available to me. It is time for me to make believing God a lifestyle instead of only during the really good and really bad times.
I really struggle to write this post for two reasons. 1) It makes me feel very exposed. 2)I really struggle to talk about Christianity because I don't feel worthy enough. I tell myself I don't know enough, but that will never change if I don't dive head first into that large pristine pond and soak it in!
Off to put on my swimsuit ;)


SiMmOnS FaMiLy said...

very inspirational kelli! I am going to have to go get that book now! I feel the same way you do-it's hard to "put on our swimsuit" in front of others b/c of embarrassement or a sense of unworthyness! as a side note-connor is so cute and growing too fast!! :)

Lana Summitt said...

How funny that you posted that. I have been struggling with the same feelings lately!! It is clear to anyone that knows you that you love God deeply.

chesley said...

i, too, struggle with this...i think we all do! i applaud you for being so transparent! I think of posts similar to these & always back off from posting them. i think it's very evident that you love God and that your priorities ARE in order just by posting this!

Anonymous said...

Great post Kelli!!! Truly open and honest; I love and appreciate your words!! You live a life full of inspiration my dear and we all know it is the power of God that continues to make it what it is!!


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