Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4 months old!

Happy 4 month birthday sweet boy! This month has been an absolute joy (as every month has!) and I find myself looking forward to the next day as I am rocking you to bed each night :).

Connor, you:

-are a growing boy! At your 4 month check-up yesterday you weighed 15 lbs 4 oz (56%), were 25 3/4 in long (76%) and noggin size at 45 cm (63%). The Dr said it looked like you were going to be pretty tall!

-are in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.

-are smiling constantly. You LOVE attention and if you want someone to look at you, you give them the stare down until they do. When they finally do you reward them with a big smile accompanied with a head tuck because you want them to think you are shy ;).

-are giving us some big belly laughs. Your whole body shakes and to say I love that sound would be an understatment. I will do just about anything to make you laugh!

-rolled over about 5 times in a row one day. Thankfully I caught it on camera because you haven't done it since!

-went on your first swimming trip and have been a few times since then. You are starting to get the hang of it and even kicked your legs out of excitement last time.

-have started making growling noises. You have this scowl on your face when you do it and this usually occurs when you are in your carseat. Last week we were in Hobby Lobby with you scowling and growling all throughout the store! You were letting me know you were ready to get out!

-started playing with two new toys: The doorway jumper and exersaucer. You LOVE them both!

-have really gotten a lot better at the "whatever is in my hand goes to my mouth" milestone. You have a toy that is meant to sit on the ground for you to play with (that is easily the size of your head) that you even try to put in your mouth. You grunted when you picked it up because it was so heavy, but you just KNEW it would taste good ;)

-love to sing. We know you are singing because you sing when I sing and quit when I quit! You decided to sing during church the other day and had everyone around you cracking up. You put on quite a show!

- are getting better at your naps. It's more often that not that you are sleeping the whole 2 hours, so I'm guessing the sound machine was what did it! Thank you Graco!

-have changed your daddy and mommy's life for the better. We love you SO much little boy!

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Ashley E. said...

Look at that sweet boy! Ah! I can't believe he's 4 months already! Oh and of course like every man, he hates Hobby Lobby! :)


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