Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend for the record books

This past weekend was one of pretty much perfection. It was perfect ratio of busy/relaxing. The perfect ratio of eating whatever we wanted to/working out. The perfect ratio of kids needing us to love on them/letting us do our own thing. Like I said, one for the record books. 

We kicked it off by going to get donuts Friday morning with BeBe and D-daddy. They had kept Row and Isla the night before, so it was a good chance to get to see them before they had to go back. We went to a local bakery called Clayborns and I happen to believe that they have the best donuts around.  In particular, their cinnamon roll. Connor loves it there and could probably make himself sick if I'd let him. He comes by it honestly! 

It has been rainy around these parts, which means there has been a lot of crafting and inside playing going on. It has made for a lot of extra giggles, actually, and that is something I'll never complain about! 

Saturday morning, Matt was participating in a local half marathon. The boys and I got up early to make the drive there to support him and BeBe. We had such a good time looking for them and cheering for the runners. Having been one of those a couple of times I can assure you that they do appreciate every clap and cheer they hear...whether they know you or not! 

This race is one of the smaller ones, so it was easy to find everyone. We set up first in between mile 6 and 7. As soon as we saw Daddy and BeBe, we headed to the finish line. I was so diligent the night before and google mapped four different places we could go to watch at our first stop....and then forgot to look up how to get to the finish line! Thankfully, it wasn't that difficult and we made it in time. Matt's goal was to run it in 1 hr 50 min. I saw him enter into the track (where you have about maybe .20 left) and I looked at the clock to see it at 1:49ish. I knew that if he was going to make it, he didn't need to slow down at all. I was a nervous wreck and kept thinking, "Don't slow down. Don't slow down. " And he didn't! Finished at a 1:49:39! So proud of him!

Sunday involved a little working out (with the help of some peppermint essential oils!)

and some one on one time with my cute little assistant. We made some GF brownies, which tasted more like cake. Which is fine, because I now have a great and fluffy GF chocolate cake recipe! HA!

The boys played so well together.. to the point that I mentioned it at least 3 times that night and the next day. Makes my heart happy to see them becoming best friends right before my eyes. 

Can you tell someone had a lick of the spatula when we were baking?!?!

Cade's vocabulary has exploded and I pretty much think he has the cutest little voice ever. One of my favorites that he says is "Right There or Over There...only because it's like THU-AIR.
 Connor's new thing is to figure out what every single word he comes across starts with. Which is so fun and sometimes equally exhausting. Cade has picked up on it, too!

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Lana Summitt said...

Stop it! Cade is SO BIG!!! They're precious. So glad y'all had a great weekend together!


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