Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Fall Y'all: Apple picking edition

So, a little 3 month hiatus never hurt anybody, right?! Don't answer that, Mom.  I am going to try my hardest to post some of the big stuff (like their birthday party back in March. Or our FL trip in July??? Geez)! 

Summer flew by and in true Summer fashion, it was awesome. I can't say I was overly thrilled to be saying goodbye to it and hello to Fall, but at only 10 days into October I have fallen back in love with this month. We have had a few more rainy days this week than I ever remember in the past, but if anything that just makes everything look more vibrant on those sunny days. Funny how that works ;) For some reason every single year it is declared Fall, I am immediately decide it's time to go pick apples. There are two things wrong with this picture. 1) Almost all of the apples are gone by then. 2)Even though it is "fall" the temperature is still BLAZING HOT and the boys sweat because I make them wear fall clothes. I am such a mean mom. 

Aren't they cute picking their apples? That is the only one either of them picked because, seriously, they were all gone! 

The second we got there Connor muttered the dreaded 7 word phrase that no mom wants to hear when they are at a public place that has no bathroom. You got it. He said, "Mommy. I need to go to the bathroom." Big fat fail on my end for not making him go before we left. Off we went to the port-a-potty. Not only was it ridiculously hot in there, but flies were swarming and some type of big bug was crawling all around the part where you actually....umm...pee in. I left Cade outside, instructed Connor not to touch  single thing and just held the door open so I could watch him and Cade at the same time. Cade of course had to go too and they both thought it was awesome to pee on the bug. Needless to say, I was sweating buckets afterwards and laughed about it after bathing them in some sanitizer. ;)

The rest of our time there was uneventful, thankfully, and even though it was slim pickins, the boys had a good time. Connor wasn't ready to leave despite the sweat rolling down his nose. Bless him. 

On the way out, I made Cade stop so I could get some pictures of him. He is looking so big to me these days and it's hard to believe that he is our baby. Just as I suspected, he is losing it even more so since he has started talking. 

The child is so full of expressions and personality. You never have to wonder what he thinks about something. It is written all over his face. The snarl above is the one he uses when asking a question. "Where's bubba?", he asked. And that is the face he attaches with it. Love him. 

Excited to see what else this fall will hold for us. I am soaking in all of my lasts with my big boy before he starts kindergarten. It will be here before I know it! 

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