Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cade's potty party!

As of June 9th, we have been diaper free in this house!!!! (Well aside from pull ups at night) I guess the first time Cade told me he had a dirty diaper was when he was 18 months old. Shortly thereafter, I would put him on the potty every time I could tell he needed to go. About a month before the potty party, he was regularly telling me when he had to "poop". But, I could never catch him when he needed to pee. Until one weekend we had a sleepover with Ella. And after seeing her and Connor wake up and go to the bathroom, he wanted to do it too! And he continued to ask all weekend. So, on a whim, I just decided to have the full blown party on Monday.

I did the whole shebang, just like I did with Connor. I talked to Connor about it beforehand, because I wanted him to understand what was going on. He immediately asked if he could have a potty party. I told him no, of course. So he said, "Well, what about a coloring in the lines party? Because I'm not so good at that yet!" HA! That child is a mess.

I chose for Cade to teach Buzz how to go to the potty. He wasn't too thrilled with having to take time away from playing to make this happen, but once he started realizing that he got Buzz' treats, he was all about it. Even to the point of taking Buzz potty himself :). After he woke up, it was go time for him. He peed every single time I put him on (I also gave Connor treats when he peed and I'm pretty sure he used the bathroom more that day than he does in 2 days combined!) and had a great time celebrating. The first full afternoon went great!

It's that second day that always gets you, though. You are over it, they are over it. Connor wasn't. He was primed and ready to get some more candy! We had quite a few little accidents that morning and by that afternoon I was ready to throw in the towel. It wasn't the last time I thought that, either. He was still having accidents and didn't even seem to care that he had them. They weren't big ones, like I remembered Connor's being, either. Which kept leading me back to his bladder not being mature enough. And then, two days later, something just clicked. He started telling me when he needed to go and even holding it longer. He still sometimes catches himself about to go and will run to the bathroom, but I remember Connor doing that, too. I've heard it's a boy thing.. just not wanting to stop what they are doing. Either way, the fact that he does that at all tells me he was ready. I was nervous because it was quite a bit younger than Connor was, but I followed my gut and his signs!

Because why wouldn't using the potty require shades?!

He still sleeps in a pull up at night and will go back and forth on if he wakes up dry or not.  He just started going down for naps without one, though, and is doing great! I'm so so proud of our big, but still our baby, boy!

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