Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One day at a time

If you are a runner or ever have been, then you know those days that you just feel like you might need to hang those running shoes up? Those days that make you feel like you don't even have the right to be out there at all? I know that feeling. But I also know that feeling on the opposite side of the spectrum and yesterday was one of those for me. We did our speedwork and I OWNED it. Like a boss. I felt like Rocky and had a million tiny little spectators cheering in my head. I am my own worst critic, but thankfully, also know how to be my own best cheerleader. 

I decided to do some planks afterwards since the Pilates class was canceled yesterday due to ice. (Side note: I am LOVING Pilates. Never did I think I would be able to say that. One day I suppose I need to try yoga) and killed it with my first ever 3 minute plank. I held it for 1 minute, did shoulder taps for a minute and held it for another minute. Matt came in as soon as I got done and I joked with him that he just waited until I was done to finish. Because while he might smoke me in running, I've got him on the planks. Hey, I'll take what I can get! 

By the time we left for the gym yesterday I was about to go crazy. I think the boys were taking it better than I was. At one point Connor even asked me what my deal was. I was getting to the point that if one more person said "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA" or even went as far as to touch me, I was going to collapse into a hot mess. Not pretty, but just being honest. 

He found his bumbo and decided to take advantage of it. I was cracking up!

It doesn't help that Connor refuses to sleep past 6:15, which leaves me little to no time to gather myself in the mornings. I think if I truly wanted that time I might have to get up at 4:30, which I'm not totally opposed to, I just worry that since his room is right here connected to the kitchen and Living Room he would hear me (because we all know it would need to start with a cup of coffee and the Keurig might be the loudest contraption ever) and just try to come out even earlier. I guess I'll never know until I try. 

Never one to miss out on getting his picture taken. Little limelight lover.

In hindsight there wasn't really anything bad about the day. No whining. No fights. I am pretty sure it was just me. But, thankfully, today is a new day! (And all the mama's said, "Amen!")


April said...

Yesterday was rough for me too. I needed to work and I also wanted to play in the snow with Jonah. Haley wouldn't take a full nap because of teething and I was so ready to just get out of this house! I am so over winter!!!

J Howard said...

I'm so glad you posted about the "mama, mama, mama's" because some days it takes everything in me to hold it together. And then other days, the "Mama's" are the sweetest part of my day!


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