Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend rewind

Our Monday morning is starting quite different. I am sitting in the oversized chair with my husband lounging on the couch. His boss texted him this morning and told him to hold off on coming in this morning due to the weather. When they show the traffic map on the news you can't even see most of the roads due to all of the wreck icons. Scary stuff, that ice. So glad they aren't making him drive in it. It's looking like we are just now getting what everyone else already has, so we might just have an extra day with daddy! No complaints from me, that's for sure! 

We had a good weekend. Nothing too crazy, and actually a little slow, which was nice. Friday we got to keep our Ella girl. Ella is Connor's "girlfriend" and they have so much fun together. Cade loves her just as much and I'm pretty sure asks about her about 5 times a day on average! They will go from being superheroes (Connor's choice) to playing school or any other imaginative game (Ella's choice), which I think is why they play so well together. Honestly, they are like siblings. They can be fighting one second and laughing like crazy the next. It's so much fun to see their little friendship grow. 

We started off Saturday with our long runs. Matt set out to go 7 and accidentally went 9. Or at least that is his story ;) I ran with Becky, but was a little worried beforehand that she would be a little too fast for me. Surprisingly, I held my own and kept up... and felt great!

 I still laugh about the fact that I have a goal to keep up with my mother in law! We are officially starting our training program today (well, assuming we can make it to the gym later today) and today is speed work. I wasn't going to do any type of speed work just because I couldn't care less about my time, but I think it will help with my overall strength. 

That night we made a very last minute decision to use some Outback gift cards. Outback is one of the easiest places to find a pretty close to Paleo meal and one of the few places that have not made Matt sick (he has Celiacs and eating out is pretty hard for him. Not impossible, just a little difficult). As we were walking out I heard the woman behind us say, "Oh, look at those boys. They must be twins." I cannot tell you how often we get asked that or I overhear someone saying it. I guess it is because I have them dressed alike as often as possible, but it always makes me laugh. Probably because I don't see too many similarities between them! 

Connor woke up in the middle of the night and I think just gagged on all off the drainage he had stuck in his throat and made him sick. So, needless to say our day yesterday consisted of sitting, playing, sitting and playing.  And lots and lots of cuddling. 

Love these two! 

My boy turns 4 this weekend. I can't even begin to believe it, but I guess I better start trying! 

Also, there is a giveaway in the post below for the book Chasing God by Angie Smith. Check it out for your chance to win! 

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