Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ohio 2013

We made our 2nd annual Ohio trip a few days after New Years this year. We always have such a blast and this year was no different. One of the days while we are there we usually go skiing at Paoli Peaks. This year I opted to stay at home with Jen and go shopping with her and Cristin. I honestly think I'm still traumatized a little by the fall I had on the last run last year. I hit a huge patch of ice and knew I was going down. Down I went and hit my head on another patch of ice. I had a headache for almost 2 days! Although, I also told my father in law that I was just giving him a year to warm up (he didn't go with us 2 years ago. This was his first year to go in a couple of years, I think). Next year it is on like Donkey Kong! 

I always fear a little that Corey and Natalie are going to get so bored playing with their little cousin that is half their age, but if they do, they do a very good job at hiding it.  You can tell Connor feels like one of the big kids, because he doesn't want much to do with his ole Mom. And I'm ok with that, because it really does make my heart happy to see him so happy. 

Watching a movie. Corey grows another limb when we are there. It has blonde hair, too :)

 Sweet Nat-Nat. She looks so old with all of those missing teeth! 

 Talk about someone thinking they are big...Cade thought he was big stuff!!

 Early morning TV/cuddles. That is one of the things I love the most about them.. they will all just lay around and cuddle. It is so sweet! 

Corey and Cade at Natalie's basketball game. Cade was mimicking Corey's every move!

Of course, Connor had to get in on the action. Which then led to wrestling. Can't be surprised about that!

Corey making sure Connor got to the car ok. It was FREEZING while we were there, so there was snow/ice pretty much everywhere! 

 Cade ate like a horse while we were there. They had a bowl of fruit out on the table and I'm pretty sure he felt like that meant he should just sit at the table all day and eat. The funniest part about it, though, was that every time Jamie walked towards him he would start yelling, "NO! NO!". He thought Jamie was going to steal his food!!! He has him figured out already ;)

I didn't get a picture of the night everyone was there. There was 26 of us! Perfect chaos if you ask me! So thankful to have family that we can also call friends! 

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