Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas Day

Maybe, just maybe I'll have these Christmas posts done before Valentine's Day! 

After eating breakfast and having some time to play with their toys, we all headed over to BeBe and D-daddy's house to celebrate with them and Matt's siblings. 

I have tried almost every single time we are all together to get a picture of these three and this is the best by a long shot. I might be biased..ok, extremely biased... but I think those are 3 adorable boys right there!!!

Glad I shot that picture, because it always, ALWAYS, turns into this. Usually Cade is right in there with them or somewhere else rolling around making the same wrestling noises they are. 
After a wonderful meal, the adults opened presents while the big kids napped. I was quick to grab Isla while BeBe was opening presents. I mean, she needed two arms to do it... I was just being helpful ;). And I was hoping Isla would give Matt some of the baby fever! While he did enjoy the new smell she was still sporting, I'm not sure it took the full effect. I say it's because he didn't lay her on his chest. That would have gotten him, for sure! 
Row is at a great age to open presents. Everything is so exciting and gets the best response, hence this "OOOOH" face he has. 
The boys had to make sure they had a front row seat to see what all he got.  This picture makes me laugh because I get asked all the time if they are twins and it for sure looks like it in this picture! 

Our crew, along with April and Josh, decided to spend the night. We stayed up late playing games in front of the fire, which was a perfect ending to Christmas day!! 

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