Friday, January 31, 2014

FIVE on Friday

I have seen so many lovely ladies join in on  this link up and while I'm trying to get back into the groove of blogging, I figured this would be a great way to start! The link up par-tay is hosted by DarciChristinaApril and Natasha (all of whom have seriously cute little spaces on the interwebs. Definitely go check them out!!)

{one} I went to see Lone Survivor with a girlfriend last night at the late show. First off, let me just say it is so, so good. And pretty intense. I'm not sure if it was that or the cup of coffee I drank on the way there, but I had a hard time going to sleep. I think I got about 5 hours, which is not near enough for me. Momma likes her sleep. But, seriously, highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. 

{two}Matt and I have started training for our 2nd half marathon. I have been having a horrible time with my shins and was thisclose to hanging my running shoes up. I took a week off and enjoyed some extra classes at the gym and even did a little workout at home. Then Wednesday MawMaw called and asked if she could come watch the boys for a couple of hours. I checked the weather and while it was supposed to be in the mid 20s, it was sunny with no wind. I decided to go for it and ran outside. And knocked out 7 miles!!! Pain free! To say I was elated was an understatement! I never got cold until I stopped and then it took me almost 45 minutes to regain function in my hands. HA! 

{three} I am the worst online shopper ever. I so want to be one of those girls who can see something and just order it so carefree, but I'm not. I'll go back and forth for what feels like hours worrying that I won't like the way it looks on me, won't fit right, color will be off, etc. Which, is why I bring in the help of my sister in law (hi ape!)  to just tell me what to do :) Thankfully, she told me to order the pair of pants I was looking at and now I am so excited to be able to wear them! I found this look on pinterest that I knew I had to recreate 

source unknown

I am getting started by ordering these pink pants. They are so cute and can be uncuffed or rolled down some more. 

Now to just find that amazing lace top..HA! 

{four} We went to a Harlem Ambassadors game on Monday night because I knew the boys would love it. Cade especially. Turns out I wasn't wrong:

This child hears even the slightest beat and starts breaking it down. Saying "Bo, Bubba, Bo, Bubba" the whole time. Cracks me up.  

{five} We are watching the Superbowl at my BIL's house with a few friends. While I am super excited about hanging out and do want Peyton Manning to win, I could care less about the game. If anything, I'm just excited that it is kind of a "night off" from cooking! Please tell me I'm not the only one! 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!! 


Lindsay @ Lovely Life Styling said...

2nd half marathon?! Wow, that's awesome! Love those pink pants :) I'm stopping by from the link up! I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, you should check it out! xoxo, Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Joe and I just saw that movie a couple weeks ago. SO good!

Love that new outfit! Good for you on just ordering the pants; you will look great in them!

Rachel said...

I'm not at all confident when it comes to online clothes shopping--but those pants sure look really cute!

Kelli Kegley said...

Briana, Matt thought it was hilarious I was going without him. He has plans to see it with his brother, so I went without him!

Thanks :) I love the pink for spring/summer and they are soooo comfortable! Win/Win!!!


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