Friday, February 7, 2014

FIVE on Friday

Whoop Whoop! It's FRIDAY. TGIF. Husband home for the weekend. Going out tonight for a girlfriends 30th...Need I say more?

{one} How many of you fellow bloggers out there open up the page to start writing and posting pictures only to realize that some of them are stuck on your phone? To some it might not be a big deal to go grab your chord and go through the process of downloading them. But to me, it is. In the past I have resorted to emailing them to myself. UNTIL I was introduced to Image Transfer. All I did was open up the app, choose the pictures I wanted to send, go to the website they told me to go to on the computer I wanted to send the pictures to, and hit download. Done. GAME.CHANGER! Thanks, Libby, for introducing me. Anyone else have any life changing apps for me??!!

{two} I have heard rumors of a Starbucks coming to our area for a while now. There have been some new little strips going up around town, one of which we pass on our way to church. Matt and I say every Sunday how awesome it would be to swing by and grab some coffee on our way (Not that we would have time, mind you. What is it about being late to church? We CANNOT make it on time. Something always seems to happen). Anyway, my mother in law sent me this picture with the caption "You can stay here now!" haha.. she knows me too well! 

Then on the way to bootcamp my father in law called to tell me the same thing. I think they have me pegged! 

I also have to say that I am a huge fan of the new sleeves. Aren't they cute?! 

{three} I joke all the time that Cade is about to be 2, but is really going on 4. I'm not sure if it is the second child thing or if it is just his personality or both, but he is constantly cracking us up. Whether it be shooting us with his Buzz Lightyear laser or noticing the big boy stuff like superheroes, he is ahead of the game with some of the funniest stuff. One of the sweetest, though, is praying. Connor noticed that Cade was paying attention to him while we were praying and mimicking everything he was doing. So, thankfully, he has been setting a really good example!  I'm not sure I've actually heard any of the prayers Matt has made lately because I can't help but stare at them and smile. 

{four} Sign ups for Connor's first season of soccer is tomorrow!!!!!! I am so excited to see what happens with this. I can see this going both ways. I can see him clinging to my leg not wanting to go out there or totally surprising us and doing well. My gut is telling me that he will surprise us. I pray that my gut is right. Not because I will be disappointed, but I just want him to have fun! I'm already envisioning his cute little self in that soccer get up. I can't even handle it. I can also envision us having to tie Cade to the ground. Like I said before, he doesn't realize he is younger! 

{five} This excruciatingly cold winter has killed my skin. My hands specifically. While browsing IG the other night I saw a post for DIY body Butter. It looked easy, so I decided to give it a try. I followed the recipe from Paleo Cupboard, only omitting the essential oils. Only because I wanted an unscented lotion. So, all it took for me was 1 c. coconut oil and 1/3 c. almond oil. Mix it together using a hand mixer and voila... you've got yourself some lotion! 

 At first I kind of felt greasy, but once that settled in my skin was so smooth! Plus, it lasts longer while washing dishes since it is oil based!

So, there you have it. Linking up here, so check it out! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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Briana Runde said...

I totally do that with my phone and putting pictures on the blog! I am going to have to check out this app; thanks for sharing!


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