Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am sitting in the oversized chair in the living room and the sun is highlighting different spots in the house that I have long forgotten. It's funny how sun can do that. The boys are napping, which means all I can hear is the hum of the fridge and my fingers tapping the keys. Today has been a good day. A day that tells me spring is coming. Summer is coming. Time were I can grab some rays during nap time (while slathered in sunscreen, of course. This skin ain't getting any younger) and bring the boys out with me as soon as they wake up. My favorite days, by far. 

This has been a long winter. As I read stories about the people in Birmingham and Atlanta that were having to abandon their car to walk multiple miles to get somewhere safe, leave their kids at school because they had no way of getting to them, the tears just couldn't help but pool up in my eyes just waiting to fall over. As a parent, I just can't imagine that kind of frustration and helplessness and pray I never have to.  But, more than anything this winter has made me so grateful for the things we have that keep us warm. There are so many people that aren't as blessed and I hope that from here on out I will do better about being more aware/grateful without the harsh circumstances to cause me to do so. 

And, really, when I start to think about it there aren't many things in life that I tend to complain or feel like I'm going to go crazy over that don't also have that "glass half full" side as well. Cade has said "momma" about 500 times that day? At least he is starting to talk more! Connor has whined more times than I can even keep track of? He is able to feel different emotions...working on how to navigate through those emotions will come. 

Now don't let me fool you into thinking that all days I am able to see the bright side of things. I can assure you (and I know Matt could as well) that I have some seriously ugly moments. Sometimes I don't say anything, but go into the bedroom and shut the door just to breathe and pray for a few minutes {side note: one time I was thisclose to going crazy, so I did the only thing I knew to do {side note to the side note: and what I should have done in the first place} drop down on the floor and pray. Connor came in and asked me what I was doing, so I told him. Fast forward a few weeks and I was in the same spot of the bedroom, just this time I was doing a plank. He said, "Mommy? Are you praying and talking to God again?" I have laughed about that ever since} and other times I let out a frustrated scream while all 3 of them look at me like I have lost my mind (and in those moments, I'm not sure I haven't...talk about navigating through emotions!!!). 

So, while I am definitely among the group of people that is more than over winter, I pray that this renewed sense of gratefulness that winter has brought me doesn't say goodbye as well. Here's to looking at the bright side of things in the bright, warm sun! 

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April said...

I have to agree this has been a horrible winter for us Southern people!! Harsh is a better word. My son just needs to get outside! We all do. I have been so happy and everywhere I went today the people were so happy too. This weather is what we have NEEDED for a long time!


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