Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Over it

SO. It's cold. Like cut your face cold. This momma doesn't do cold and I am over it! Not only was it cold yesterday, but it was snowing on and off and apparently the wind was blowing pretty hard. We got home from running errands and the cushion on my chaise lounge was blown away, which I'm almost positive was TIED ON, and the boys' Little Tikes playhouse was over by our house which is a good 50 to 100 yards away from where it had previously been sitting. Which is also strange because there was a ton of other stuff in it's path that it had to go around? Or over? Either way, crazy strong wind. 

I knew when I got up yesterday morning I had to go to the grocery store. Let's be honest. Going to the grocery store on a non wintery day with two kids is the opposite of fun, so I knew this was going to be a blast ;). Connor told me he just wanted to stay at home and play "temping run" (which, 1) he really does believe if he says that, that it is going to happen. Bless. 2) Brother is awesome at temple run. And obsessed. And not even 4. I fear the day he finds out about Wii and all of that other fun male stuff). So, what is a girl to do when you want to add some fun into a rather boring grocery run? Promise a trip to Target first. He got right up and got dressed. My boy loves Target. My job here is done, don't ya think??

First stop within Target was to Starbucks. I've heard some talk going around that we are going to be getting our own Starbucks in town (the closest one to me is about 22 miles away), which makes me excited and nervous. Excited, because, duh. Nervous, because I would have to start practicing some serious self control. Anyway, I need some help. What is your favorite drink? Mine is the Caramel Brulee Latte and it is only during the holidays. The Caramel Flan Latte is ok, but not as good as the Caramel Brulee to me. So, what should I try? 

After Target we ran to Old Navy (literally as it was, I'm not sure I mentioned it, COLD. The boys thought it was hilarious) to try and find me some distressed jeans. Why, oh why, can't I find them anywhere? In a skinny cut, that is. The boyfriend jeans just don't look good on me. I love the look on everyone else, but I feel like a total slouch in them. So, for help #2, if you know of some skinny distressed jeans that don't cost $200, help a girl out! If not, my next step is to make a trip to Goodwill and work on distressing some myself, which I'm about 90% sure won't turn out very well. 

We finally made it to Kroger and we started in the produce section, which is Cade's favorite. Only because out of the handful of words he has, apple and banana are in his top 5 favorites to use. So, after about 5 minutes of him yelling "APPLE" incessantly, Connor looks at me and says, "Mommy. We have got to teach Cade the word carrot, right?" I just died laughing. I love his logic. To get him through the rest of the trip, I stopped by the bakery to get him his free cookie... and lest you think I just was neglecting Connor of the processed junk, I had already given him a sucker. The joke these days are to ask Cade for a bite of his food. And how I feel about the season of winter is how he feels about sharing his food....

He is over it! 

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April said...

I am so over the cold too. Jonah has been acting wild the last two weeks and I asked Michael last night what he thought Jonah's deal was. He said he hasn't been able to go outside...makes total sense now. I wish we had a Target closer than a 40 minute drive away. Love me some Tarjey! On the jeans....I have no personal experience but I follow that blog Pinterest Told Me To and here is a link to her must have jeans that may we like what you are wanting. They aren't super cheap but they aren't $200 either. Good luck!


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