Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas morning

I slept horribly on Christmas Eve. I kept dreaming that Connor woke up before we did and saw all of his presents...and opened the superhero capes I made him. It was awful! And even more awful because I was the world's worst as a child about peeking at my presents. One year I unwrapped some and wrapped them back off. Which tells you that I was old enough to stay at home by myself and know how to wrap! My poor parents!!!

When I finally heard Connor open his door I jumped out of bed faster than I think I ever have before! We brought him into our room so we could wake up little brother :)

They were so excited about their shopping cart, but I think Sulley being in it was the biggest surprise. Santa told me he was a last minute decision... good thinking Santa ;)

If you look closely, you will see Cade trying to get in. Poor little guy did not understand why he couldn't ride! 

I couldn't love Cade's expression more if I tried! And Connor's bed head!

After looking at everything Santa brought, it was time to open presents from Mommy and Daddy. At our house all Santa gifts are sitting out, unwrapped. Everything that is wrapped is from Mommy and Daddy. 

Since this was Cade's 3rd go round with opening, he did much better this time around! 

Eating breakfast on their new trays and plates. This has been the scene many mornings since then!!!

Christmas was so much fun this year. Just so much magic! The lights, seeing Santa, Buzz the elf. I treasured every second!! I feel like we had a good balance between the magic of Santa and the real reason for Christmas. There is more we will be able to do with him as he gets older, and I look forward to that, too! 

After eating and playing for a bit, we all got dressed and headed over to BeBe and D-daddy's house for Christmas #5! Which can only mean a post on that is next :)

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