Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exercise and Circus time!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but the hubs and I signed up for another half marathon before we had even finished the first one. I agreed to it because it is the Country Music 1/2 Marathon and it is one that I have always wanted to do. I also signed up for a 15k, which is 9 miles that is going to take place in a mere 2 weeks. And the furthest I have gone is 5 miles. Oops. 

 Two things are keeping it that way. 1) Weather. I just can't run on the treadmill. It actually hurts me worse. Not the norm, I know. I would run outside if it were in the 30s and sunny. I have enough thermal goods to keep me warm, but we just haven't had many days that it has been like that. Or if it has, the wind has been blowing so hard that I would be fighting it the whole time. So, in the meantime I am picking up some extra classes to go, in addition to the normal 2 or so classes of bootcamp we already go to, that will strengthen my core. That way, if my shin splints will stay at bay, I am hoping I can still knock out 9 in a couple of weeks without stopping. Definitely not my recommended way of doing things, but that's kind of where I'm at now. 

So, yesterday I decided that instead of even trying to run on the treadmill, I would just try out Pilates. The class starts at 4:30 and in typical fashion these days, we pulled into the gym parking lot at 4:25. Which we all know put me smack dab in the front middle of the class. Awesome. I have never been to Pilates before, so keep in mind I didn't have a clue what I was doing. It is just another testament to how much my self confidence has grown since we started working out. In the past I can honestly say I'm not sure if I would have gone into that class if I wasn't able to grab a spot in the back. I probably would have, but it would have stressed me out a lot more than it did. Three cheers for a stronger sense of self accomplishment! 

Last Friday Gammie and Pappie bought the boys and I tickets to the circus. At first I didn't think Cade and I were going to be able to go because he had a fever. So, Pam met me at the doctors office (I took Cade to get checked for the flu since the fever came out of nowhere. I'm not messing around with that stuff) and took Connor with her. Y'all. Cade wailed (and I mean waaaaailed) for almost 30 minutes. Screaming "bubba" the whole time. The nurses kept saying, "Poor little guy just doesn't feel good". He finally settled down and got a "just viral" report. Side note: I hate that report. Not this day, though. So scared of the flu!! After getting dressed the dr came back in to give us our checkout papers and Cade started handing me my keys and his jacket saying, "Ome, Ome". Brother was saying take me home and get me away from this man who keeps checking me out! 

As soon as we got in the car the bubba wailing started again, so I decided to go ahead and go to the circus. As soon as I told him we were going to go get Bubba, the crying stopped. One day this kid will understand the value of one on one time with his mommy. Today is not that day! The circus was great. We missed the first few minutes, so Cade was a little unsure of everything at first, but he quickly got into it. The whole time he kept saying, "Bubba" all while patting Connor on the arm, and then pointing to whatever was on the stage. He would clap. He would pump his fist up in the air and say "YEAH!". He would throw both arms up in the air and say "WOO". Make the appropriate animal noises. Danced at the music while saying "Bo Bubba, Bo Bubba" (for go bubba, go bubba). It actually surprised me as to how much fun he had. 

Connor, in typical Connor fashion, just soaked everything in, but has been talking about it non stop. So, while you might not get the high excitement during the show, it is because he is only processing and, Lord knows, memorizing the whole thing! He has talked about it a lot since then, which means he had a great time, too! They just show it in different ways. Love my two different boys!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the 9 miles; you can do it!


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