Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas #2

The night before Christmas Eve, we headed to Gammie's house to celebrate there. We had a fabulous (as usual) dinner and then it was time to pass out presents! Connor loved to pass them out and always made sure I knew when he was adding to his pile :). He thought it was pretty cool that he had a really long one! 

That sweet smile just about does me in! 

Uncle Kyle and Libby waiting for their turn :)

Cade did a little better this time. No meltdowns, so I'll consider that a success!

It was definitely a superhero themed night for Connor. It's funny to me just how much he loves super heroes. He has never seen any of them on TV or watched a movie. I guess it's just a boy thing! 

Our little blue eyed batman!

HA! Cade has to be one of the youngest superhero lovers out there. He is a true testament of monkey see, monkey do!

After opening presents and playing we settled in for the night. We woke up on Christmas eve and headed to Nana's house for another, as usual, wonderful meal. Those Thomas women sure do know how to cook for a big crowd! After eating, opening presents and playing we headed home to get prepared for Santa! 

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