Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas #1

We started celebrating Christmas the weekend before the actual day with my mom, brother and sister in law. I was excited to see how Cade did since this was the first time he had opened any present since his birthday. I tried to get a picture of our tree before we moved any presents and, of course, it came out blurry. Photography lessons should be a goal of mine in 2014. 

At first I had to convince Cade to rip into the presents. Connor was so good to let him go first. Especially since Cade didn't know what was going on as much as he did! 

My pretty momma opening her presents. (Once again.. the blur. In fact, the one picture I got of my brother and his wife was so blurry, I couldn't even use it. AGH!)

Cade saying "WHOA" about his toaster. Once he figured out that toys were in the presents he was all about it! 

Until the end when I made him help me open up the last of the presents instead of playing with the ones he had already opened. This boy is FULL of drama!!!!

I remember Connor going through the same thing at that age. MUCH different this year ;) 

After opening presents we left MiMi with the boys and her "big kids" went shopping and out to eat. It was nice getting to hang out with the newlyweds since we usually have to share their attention with two little blonde headed toddlers! 

We had a great time with MiMi, Uncle Lance and Aunt Bekkah and can't wait to see them again!

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