Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend bliss

 This past weekend Matt and I had about 1 1/2 days to ourselves. And it was bliss. I love my boys. Matt loves our boys. But we SO loved our time together. In fact, we loved it so much that we declared we were going to do it every time we got a chance. I think we both know the benefits enough to not feel guilty about needing the time away. 

We started off our time by going on an 8 mile run at a local state park. The weather was perfect. A little cold before we got started, but just cold enough where neither one of us really broke a sweat. The roads were a little more hilly than we had anticipated, but it turned out being exactly what we wanted. We are both signed up for the Country Music Marathon in April, which is full of hills, so we were glad to say we did those 8 miles and felt pretty great. We even contemplated going 10, but figured there was no need since we aren't training at the time. Once we stopped, I think we were both glad we did. Our legs were pretty tired from the hills. 

It was so wonderful to be able to do something together that we loved. We got to talk freely and enjoy our run. It's something that I would have NEVER guessed we would do together, but something I am so glad we do. I think it has been so good for each of us individually and just as much as a couple. 

Once we got home, we ate a huge lunch and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee peacefully on the couch. We talked about how quiet it was and if we should feel guilty about how much we were enjoying it! After getting ready we headed out to do some Christmas shopping and go out to eat. First stop was Target. We ordered our drinks extra hot and they were barely warm. We took them back and they gave us a free upgrade to a Venti. DAY MADE!!! We don't get Starbucks often, especially since starting to eat the Paleo way, but man do we love those Caramel Brulee Lattes in the winter! And those red cups??? Just make me smile! That night we went to eat at Chuy's thinking it would be a pretty good spot for Matt to eat. Needless to say, the manager came over and said that since Matt has an allergy to gluten, there really isn't anything on the menu he can offer. He ended up having to get a salad with PLAIN grilled chicken. Seriously, pitiful. I really regretted not leaving. While I am thankful they were honest, we will be marking Chuy's off the list of places he can eat! 

The next morning we were able to get up, eat breakfast at the table and still make it to church on time. Solidifies that it is the boys fault we are always late ;)! After going to bootcamp that afternoon (where I repeatedly looked at him and told him just how tired my legs were), it was time to meet up with the boys. Connor was excited to see us. Not sure Cade really cared. Connor was so sweet during supper, constantly hugging and kissing us. He was just softly kissing our shoulders. Love my sweet, tender hearted boy! It was pretty obvious just how much more difficult it is to connect when you have two toddlers with you, which makes us appreciate the ease with which it came this weekend. I know that we are better parents for it and look forward to being able to do it again! Thank you, Gammie, for making it happen!!!!

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