Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013

So, this Halloween didn't exactly goes as planned. In fact, Connor isn't quite convinced that Halloween is over. Maybe the appearance of Santa will help that???

He isn't convinced because he didn't get to trick or treat. You see, once you tell him something you better believe he is going to remember every detail and for weeks we had been talking about how it was ok to go up to people's door and say trick or treat. That he didn't have to be scared because we were going to be with him. And ALL. THE. CANDY! 

Poor little guy was pretty sick the week of, and while he had been fever free long enough to go, he just didn't feel like it. He opted for pizza and a movie instead. He still had a great night, just doesn't understand that it is over! 

Thankfully, the Sunday before Halloween we went to my brother and sister in law's church to trunk or treat. Our church wasn't having one this year, plus we knew Connor would love being with Rowen. They are the cutest together! 

My little Toy Story boys. Why, oh, WHY does Connor look so old?? 

I love my little family! 

Their trunk or treat was awesome! Almost every single car had a game set up for them to play before they got some candy. You didn't have to play, of course, but what kid doesn't want to play a game??? And not only was their candy prizes, but some cars had actual prizes! 

At this car, you stuck your fishing pole over the sheet and "caught" a piece of candy! GENIUS!

I'm interested to see how old they are before we get a decent picture. I'm guessing middle school??? Although Rowen was not Toy Story, I said he could be considered Wheezy on Toy Story 2!!! Isn't that penguin costume adorable?!

Throwing a ball in the basket! At this car, you actually got prizes instead of candy. He picked out a little mini green stuffed beanie baby bear. Perfect for him because not only is green his favorite color, but he loves sleeping with miniature animals that fit perfectly into his hand. He was so excited about that green bear!!!

He was so cute saying "trick or treat" in his soft, shy voice. I was just so proud of him for doing it, though. What's hilarious is that he picked out Butterfinger's almost every time! Cade could have cared less! HA!

The bean bag toss was a hit, of course. He is going to be a corn hole champ just like his dad ;)

Getting a picture in the Duck Dynasty limo :)

I thought this was the coolest thing!!! Hitting the jackpot got you 5 pieces of candy! 

I realize that he is mine, but I could just eat him up!  I'm pretty sure he was watching the man dressed up as batman walk around. HA! 

Minion bowling

Cade LOVED this game. Those boys were so sweet to him, too. 

Real life. Threw himself down because we wouldn't let him bowl anymore. This child throws a fit with the best of them! Connor has NEVER done anything like this. It's so funny just how different they are!

Killing some ducks! 

A little cousin love! LOVE THESE THREE!!! Cannot wait to add Isla to the group. She is going to be so loved and taken care of by these 3!
So even though Connor didn't get to go from house to house, it's pretty obvious that he had a great time!


April said...

Love the family pic and their costumes! That church has an awesome trunk or treat! Gave me lots of ideas for our little church.

Katie said...

Bless his little heart being sick on Halloween! Their costumes were adorable. I love themed costumes:)


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