Thursday, September 5, 2013

That time my little brother got MARRIED... a month ago!

My little bitty baby brother got married last month. The boys and I left daddy behind (seriously, one of the worst things to me. I don't like to be away from my man!) for a week and went down the weekend before. We were so busy and had so much fun, but we were waiting at the door for him to walk into our hotel room once wedding weekend arrived. I have a couple of things that we did the week before that I want to blog about, but I figured I'd touch on the wedding first! 

Their wedding was at Bekkah's church at a small town in Arkansas not far from where I grew up. Mom decided to have the rehearsal dinner there at the church, so we headed that way on Thursday to start decorating. The boys did SO good considering neither one of them napped. Thankfully, my Mamaw was there to help us watch the boys and I captured this precious moment with them. 

Connor barely fitting on the luggage rack!

Friday we spent most of the day just hanging out with Daddy and making sure the boys got good naps. Cade decided that it seemed like a good time to learn how to climb. This child makes me a nervous wreck! He would climb up and try to run back and forth across. 

They had a wonderful rehearsal. Mom did an amazing job decorating. You would have never known that it was a blank room to start out with! I left my big camera at home, so everything is iphone pics.  I'll link the pictures from the photographer at the end. 

The bride and groom. Look at them all cute and coordinating in the wedding colors! 

Connor and Cade were in the wedding and I was so nervous to see how they did. I know it is a small thing, but for Connor Matthew to walk down a aisle all by himself is HUGE! I'm not biased at all, but I thought they looked pretty darn sweet in their outfits! 

Chloe making sure everyone signed the book. 

Cade and one of Bekkah's nephews being pulled down. SO SWEET!

Still can't believe he did this! 

What was waiting on him when he walked down the aisle. He went and sat with the parents instead of standing up at the front the whole time. 

He did decide that he should take Uncle Lance the pillow, though. HA! I thought it was pretty cute.

The ceremony was so sweet. I was doing good until Lance started crying when Bekkah walked down. Precious!  

Mr and Mrs Ferguson!

Of course, I had to try both cakes. 

Lance is a huge Ole Miss fan, so they had a replica of the field made. It was delicious! 

Bekkah's cake was made by none other than her grandmother. It was so good, too! She said that she had made all the cakes for their family, which I thought was so sweet. 

Cade, apparently didn't want to wait until we found a fork! That's my boy! 

We were going to stay at Lance's house, but we got crazy and decided to make the 6 hour drive at 8pm!  It actually went really, really well.

Cade didn't really make a peep. Connor tried to melt down about 15 minutes out, but he held it in. The only bad thing about getting home at 2 in the morning, is I didn't recover for a full week. I'm not that young, crazy kid anymore that can stay up all hours of the night! 

I am so excited for Lance and Bekkah as they start (one of) the best thing that will ever happen to them.  Marriage is, by far, one of the greatest things you will ever work at in your lives and I'm happy they have found each other to do that with! 


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how it must feel to have your little brother get married. I have two of my three brothers that are still single, and I can't wait for that day for them to find their spouse.

By the way, I spy a 31 product! :-) Did you ever sign up to become a consultant?

Kelli Kegley said...

It is a great feeling! And a crazy one!

Yes, I did! Although I haven't been active now for a few months. I just found that I did not have the desire to sell again. I kind of had that gut feeling that would be the case, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.


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