Friday, August 16, 2013


Life is good. So good. And busy. Keeping up with a 3 yr old and 15 month old is some serious work. Work that I don't (on most days ;) ) even consider work. I've obviously dropped the ball on the blogging gig this summer. There are things I want to go back and record about the boys, and hopefully I will. They are changing so much and I am just doing my best to stay eyes wide open and capture it all. Sometimes, though, I have a moment. An almost out of body moment where you are able to block out everything else and just be IN it. They always bring tears to my eyes. They are the breath taking, heart bursting moments. And you know, in that moment, that you don't need a blog post to remember this feeling. They always come randomly for me and they are almost always tucked away in the everyday motions. I had one in particular last week that just keeps spinning in my head like a video reel. 

I was lying in the hallway, stretching. I heard the tell tale sign of Cade coming by the little stomping sounds that accompany his still fresh walk. I flipped over onto my stomach, because there is nothing he loves more than to crawl on top of someone and pretty much beat the tar out of them. As soon as he saw me, I heard the "ahh" of excitement come out of his mouth and those little feet quickening. Before the typical beating began, though, he laid his head on my back and spread his arms across my body. As if apologizing in advance for the fun he was about to have. Followed quickly by jumping up and straddling me like I was a horse. The bouncing up and down and squealing caught Connor's attention and the next thing I knew he was running in from the kitchen and landing on my legs. Every time he would gently land, we would all let out those glorious gut laughs.  The sound of their laughter mixed with my own was enough to make up for any {seriously minimal} pain that I might endure. It was during this moment that I realized 3 things. 1) I am SO a boy mom. 2) I would do just about anything to hear their laughter and laugh with them 3) There will be a day that they will be too cool for their mom and I want to make sure I find myself in as many of these moments that I can until then.

Even though it required me to become a human punching bag, there was no where I would have rather been than in that moment. So, while raising these 2 boys has it's hard times, it's harder times (ha!), I always know that when those moments come, it is more than enough to make up for it. 

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