Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Before we even started trying for baby #2, I secretly (or maybe not so secretly, I'm not sure) already hoped our next one would be another boy. I wanted Connor to have a little brother close in age so badly. A built in best friend. Someone who he could be real with and know that, no matter what, they would always be there for each other. One of my greatest joys this summer was watching their relationship become stronger. Some days it is stronger in the sense that I'm already expecting punches, but stronger nonetheless! 

One of the funniest things, to me, about having them so close in age is seeing just how different they are. Connor can't stand to get dirty, but Cade could care less (as evidenced above!!). Connor starts sweating the second he steps outside, but it takes a lot to make Cade sweat. Connor is a little more hesitant and shy, while Cade will go to just about anybody and actually loves being in the limelight. Connor loves to cuddle, whereas the only way Cade will cuddle with you is if you have something he wants (re: food). 

I am still soaking in watching Connor be a big brother. I love when I hear him say, "Hey, buddy. Wanna play cars wif me?" or when he says, "Good job, Cade. That was a good job, buddy!"

And I don't ever have to worry about Cade when Connor is around. I joke and say that Cade actually has 3 parents. If he ever remembers anything that I have told Cade not to do, you better believe that he will get on to him if he sees him doing it.  This might look like a loving moment, but it is actually Connor standing in front of the cabinet doors telling Cade, "No, no. Mommy said you can not open these doors" and Cade responding by trying to bite him. 

I think the thing that makes it so special watching the big brother is that it is something they had to learn how to do. He has had to learn how to include Cade. Learn how to be gentle. Learn that there might be times that he has to wait. And honestly? He has rocked it out. 

Whether it be sharing his toys with him or "teaching" him new things (as seen below. He was pointing out all the things in the parking lot), he really is good at making him feel included. Which is probably why Cade worships and adores him. 

I can already see the beginnings of their friendship. If Cade wakes up before Connor does, I have to completely distract him from Connor's door the whole time. If I don't, you better believe he is standing at it banging away. And when I am successful? You should see the smile that comes across his face when he hears that door open. 

Of course, I get so much joy out of seeing Cade interact with him more, too. My big boy is affectionate and I wasn't sure I would ever have another one as loving as him. Cade might have him beat and he loves to love on Connor the most. My favorite is seeing those hugs. And don't even THINK about not letting him kiss his bubba goodnight. Brother won't have it! 

Let me say it again. Yes, we have those moments where Connor has pushed Cade down and Cade retaliates by biting him or pulling his hair. Or those moments where Cade will walk up to Connor for no good reason and pull on his shirt and scream at him. IT'S NORMAL! But, I can honestly say there are more sweet moments and we all know those hold more weight anyway. 

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