Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back into the groove

This week has been our first week home since vacation. Usually the first week back is miserable. Getting back into the groove of things, reprograming your children... you know, the norm. But, I really haven't had to do any of that this time. In fact, I dare say that it has been one of the best weeks, as far as their mood and behavior goes, that we have had in a long time! Connor is whining less, being more compliant and they are playing together for seriously multiple hours at a time. It's a small glimpse into the future and momma likey! 

We had a great week in Florida. Yes, it rained more than half the time we were there. But, it was still awesome. I have a video of the trip I am putting together that I will hopefully be able to share soon. 

Until then, I had to share some pics I took yesterday. I am working on putting pictures into a gallery wall I put together after my trip to Ikea, and I knew I wanted some pictures that just reminded me of summer. I am big on changing out pictures for each season. An easy way to change up your decor if you ask me! 

For my big boy, it is for sure popsicles. We keep them in a deep freezer in our shed and he wants one almost every time we are outside. 

For my baby boy, it was peaches. If there is one thing you should know about Cade it is that, unless he is sick, he will eat just about anything. I sat down in Florida to eat a peach and he was in my lap. Before I could even take a bite, brother straight leaned over and took a huge bite out of it! Next thing I know he took it away from me completely and devoured the whole thing! 

And seeing those sweet chubby baby hands holding that peach is just enough to make me want to die of happiness. He doesn't even care that he is soaked by the juices of it. He just keeps rotating and eating it until he gets to the pit. 

And then there's his brother who has never even tried a peach, but swears he doesn't like them. Granted, he will try any vegetable you put in front of him. It's so funny how different two siblings can be!

I have been wanting to take a shot of Cade in his birthday hat to replicate a shot I have of Connor in his. Thank goodness for fast cameras, because he wasn't completely thrilled with having that hat back on his head. 

And, for the comparison:
I don't think they look a thing alike! I do find it funny that they both have their hand up about to pull on the ribbon, though! 

If you were going to take a picture of something that would remind you of your summer so far, what would it be?


the workaholic momma said...

oh soon as I saw that pic of Cade with the birthday hat i thought i remembered seeing connor in a similar picture..haha!! LOVE those pics and all of ths summer pics:) I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful trip and that this week has gone so well!! i always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation;)

Mrs. K said...

These are precious!


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