Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Backyard fun

As soon as it started getting warm enough outside to play in the water, I would fill the boys' pool up while they napped. It allowed the water to warm up a bit and me time to lay out while they slept! Thank goodness for monitors!  

On this particular day, Cade woke up before Connor did, so I got him all lathered up and went ahead and brought him outside. You would think that he would take advantage of having the pool to himself, but I could totally tell that he was missing big brother. He needed a playmate! 

That is always so funny to me. He whines and whines when Connor isn't around, and you know that is why because as soon as Connor walks out of his room he gets so excited! That lasts for about...hmm...2 minutes before they get in their first fight! HA!

I've never seen a baby that loves to be splashed in the face like this one does. He will intentionally dunk his head in, too, which ultimately ends up with him drinking it and coughing it up. As soon as he is done coughing, he laughs and goes back to dunking. 

 When Connor woke up and realized we were outside, he put together a swimming outfit (can you tell?!?! ha!) and came outside stark naked for me to help him put it on! I don't know what he'll do if we ever move into a neighborhood!!

Sweet Summertime!!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Fun fun! Love how Cade loves the water:) We need to invest in a little pool because that's a great idea for nap time!


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