Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend recap

Well, here we are almost 2 weeks later from my last post. We have been busy and I have had other things to do during my free time and blogging just kind of took a back burner. I'm oddly ok with that, although I still fear that I will regret it years down the road when I look back at this time. I think it is easy to say that I will definitely remember being busy! 

We had a great weekend. I love summer. The long days, being able to do more outdoors and the sunshine. Oh, I love the sunshine! We started off the weekend with a trip to the pool at the gym. We met BeBe, Aunt April, Uncle Josh, Aunt Rachel and Rowen there. Connor had a blast going down this slide and did it repeatedly for two hours. 

Cade just held onto my finger and walked all around the pool. He wanted to let go, but obviously couldn't since he still hasn't decided to start walking! I can already tell that once he does I better get ready to run after him. He is going to be into everything! After a couple of hours at the pool, we headed over to BeBe's house to let the boys nap and do a little painting project for her house. 

I wasn't sure how Connor would do with the finger painting since he is typically isn't a fan of his hands being dirty, but he did great! 
Rowen and Aunt Rachel

He, of course, picked green... his favorite color!
And he picked orange for Cade since that is his second favorite color!

 The finished products! Well, before we took the tape off. Cade was covered in paint! 

Saturday I woke up early and snuck out to get my run in. 6 miles done! It is probably the best run I have ever had and am already looking forward to the next long one! The rest of the day was spent shopping with BeBe and relaxing. Cade has really taken an interest in blocks lately. He loves to stack them and then go crazy and knock them down. He will only stack about two before he just can't hold it any more and knock them down.

But, he also loves pushing the cylinder through the hole in the square block. 

 It is so cute to see his concentration and watch those little hands work. 

I think he probably pushed that cylinder through 20 times. 

After church on Sunday, we came back to the house to put the boys down for an earlier nap so we could surprise them and go to the pool again. This time with daddy in tow! The nap got a little bit of a later start due to some wrestling time. 

They were pounding away on Matt's back just dying laughing. 

I think Cade enjoyed it the most. HA! We are not going to have to worry about this one, I don't think! 

Once again, the pool was a big hit. Connor slid down the slide, jumped off the side by himself (going under the water in the process) and Cade even went down that slide, going under at the end. Cade is the one that ended up crying when we left. He loves it! 

We have a busy week ahead of us. A lot of cleaning, packing and organizing. We leave for Florida this weekend and I cannot wait!!!

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