Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swim little fishy

For Cade's birthday their Gammie bought them swimming lessons! We started a few weeks ago and Connor got off to a rough start. He loves the pool, but he was not a huge fan of going under all the time. On the one day that I could not go (the week I was sick with a migraine) it just clicked for him. He took some toys which ended up taking the lessons with him and that was all it took. From there on out he was all about it! Now he still says that he doesn't prefer to go underwater, but he doesn't cry about it. I took some videos and he has even had two lessons since these videos and has improved so much since then! He has 2 more lessons to go and I can't wait to see how he is by the end of it! 

This is the basic fall in and roll over. It is teaching him to roll over if he were ever to accidentally fall in. As you will be able to see he won't willingly fall in yet. I can't say I blame him since he doesn't know how to really hold his breath yet! 

My favorite part of that video is him saying "I saw the stars" at the end! In the first lesson to keep him to hold his chin up she told him to look up and see if he could see the stars. There are most definitely not stars on the ceiling, but he remembered her saying that!

Here he is doing what she calls superman arms. She now stands quite a bit further back with him, although he tells her every single time that "we are pretty far away" :)

This is called practicing Spiderman arms. My favorite part about this video is him saying "I am incredibles" in the middle. The child doesn't lack self esteem, that is for sure!

and another one because he got so much faster that second time...

After 3 straight sessions of Cade screaming, hitting and kicking, we just decided for me to get in there with him. He isn't scared of the water, he just didn't like doing all of that with someone else, I suppose. He is doing great and the first thing he does is try to roll on his back when we get in! Proof that it's never too early to start! He even tries to put his face in when we are practicing kicking on his belly! I'll have to get some video of him on the last day. 


Anonymous said...

He is doing great! I love that your lessons are indoors and seem to be one-on-one.

The girls start lessons in July. The pool opens tomorrow, and they are biting at the bit to get there. :)

Katie said...

He is incredible!!! So cute and what fun with your boys:)


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