Thursday, June 6, 2013

My kid is just funny

It never fails that with each new stage the boys enter I think to myself "this one is my favorite". Do I get a little sad realizing how quickly they are passing through these stages? Of course! I struggled a bit with Connor turning 3. Might it have been the teenager tone that occasionally came out of his mouth?? Possibly!  But lately I have really started embracing this new stage, because, dude. He is funny! Matt and I find ourselves just dying laughing at him almost all the time. You really never know what is going to come out of his mouth and those times that it's an adult like statement just sends us over the edge.

Lately he has been telling me, "Mommy. I talk a lot." You sure do, kiddo. You sure, do. He also says mommy a lot, which I love. I'll never get tired of hearing that! Anyway, if we are in the car I know he is asleep when he quits talking. Apparently at the ripe age of 3, he has learned how to drive. I am going to go ahead and apologize to his future wife for his backseat driving (Oh, heck. Who am I kidding? He will be like his daddy and always drive. I seriously never drive and seriously love it!) 

We ran a few errands the other day and his backseat driving was at an all time high. Here are a few examples:

Stopping at a red light: "Mommy. It's red. Stop, Mommy. You have to stop."

Seeing that it turned yellow: "Mommy, slow down. Slow down! Are you slowing down?" (I turned right) "Mommy, did you slow down?"

As soon as a light turns green: "Go."

If a car is turning into the lane beside us: "Watch out for that car!"

And the most recent one: "Mommy, you are driving in the grass. You have to get back on the road!" I can assure you that I was on the road! He, for some reason, feels like we are veering off of it all the time!

He has also taken to dressing himself. His favorite is definitely his cowboy hat and boots paired with whatever he was always wearing, but on this particular day he insisted on this getup:

Thankfully, he was going with Matt and not me! ;)

My favorite, though, are the little phrases here and there that he uses. Phrases like "That's awesome", "That's cool", and "Check this out" are the ones that make me smile every time. It's just that little bitty voice he still has that just makes it even more funny. Or when Cade is doing his mad high pitched squealing and I hear Connor say, "Stop it, Cade. That is hordible!" I'll be sad when the day comes that he is pronouncing every word correctly.

He thinks that every time he sleeps and wakes up it is a new day. So, before his afternoon nap he will always ask me, "What are we doing tomorrow?", meaning later in the afternoon. He is constantly asking what we are doing as well. He likes to know the plans and once he hears them, don't think he will forget them! I never tell him anything that I'm not for sure about!

"Take a picture of me on that big red ball, Mommy." I take the picture and he walks off. "Yeah, you got it. That was a good one!"

While most of the time he is a "big boy" and doesn't want me to help him with things, night time is so different. Yes, it may be a delay tactic, but every night he wants me to lay with him for "5 more seconds and then 6 more seconds, Mommy." He'll say things like, "I just need you" or "I just like for you to lay wif me."

So while I struggled with all the changes at first, I am slowly but surely starting to accept these changes. Yes, the.. ahem.. attitude that sometimes comes with it is frightening, but I know that is normal and all a part of growing up and learning. It's those sweet and funny moments that make up for them all.


April said...

I love the backseat driving comments! Too funny! I am not a fan of the new attitude either but just trying to navigate how to respond, as well. It's so different than when they were first talking. Love hearing all the cute stuff he is saying.

Mrs. Howard said...

My Connor is ALWAYS backseat driving too. Such a crack up.

Katie said...

I love this and need to do a post like this. These sweet boys are getting so big and I don't want to forget anything. Nighttime is a very similar story at our house but I literally EAT.IT.UP!!!!! Umm I was totally cracking up at his backseat driving...driving in the grass..bahahaha!


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