Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Summertime

I woke up this morning to Connor softly tracing my lips with his finger. He had crawled into bed with me shortly after Matt got up to get in the shower. I looked at him and he gave me a soft sweet smile and started to go back to sleep. How in the world I was so blessed as to be this boy's momma, I will never know. We both went back to sleep and slept for another hour or so. Summer has definitely arrived in our house and we are soaking it in. 

post nap cuddles/TV sesh

I love summer time. I love slathering everybody in sunscreen and staying outside all day. Running over to the shed to get popsicles out of the deep freezer. Swinging in the hammock to get relief from the sun. Pointing out all of the beautiful things God made to the boys. As much as I say I would rather it be spring and summer year round, I know that without the bitter cold of winter I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much. That's kind of how life is, though. Without those low points (yes, winter can be a low for me!), you wouldn't appreciate the high ones as much. 

sweet brothers. during each little photo shoot..if that's what you want to call it.. they seriously hug like this at least once!

I plan on trying my hardest to make this a summer we won't forget. Connor is at such a fun and sweet age right now, and able to appreciate so much more and I don't want to miss this window. The one where everything is "awesome" and "super cool" to him. I love getting to do new things with him and knowing that he gets it. I've got a list going of activities I want to do with them and I can't wait to start experiencing them.  

my lap is going to be very lonely once little brother decides to start walking. Until then, I am eating.this.up!

What's on your summer fun list?

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