Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday and Memorial Day celebrations

 We had such a great weekend! I developed what I can only guess was a pretty bad migraine, but other than that, it was perfect! 

We started the celebrations on Saturday morning with a day trip out to my in-laws house to play in their creek. We were going to go hiking, but the shortest trail was a 2 mile hike and we weren't sure Connor would be able to handle that or not. We knew they would love the creek, so the decision was pretty easy! 

We had such a good time. Cade wanted us to just let him crawl in it while Connor was perfectly content to let us get rocks for him to throw! 

We ended up throwing a blanket down and having a picnic out there. I told Matt that was pretty much a perfect day for me. Being outdoors and active just makes me happy! I'll rest on the rainy days! 

After our picnic Connor lost it because he wanted to nap at BeBe and D-Daddy's house, so the boys napped there while Matt and I took off in the jeep to go on our long run of the week. It was pretty hot and I was pretty slow, but another 4 miles was marked in the books! 

In hindsight, I think the fact that I drank maybe 1/4 cup of water afterwards was what caused my headache. I woke up with it Sunday, got rid of it.. or so I thought... and pushed myself and did some shopping with my birthday money! 

Which was probably another mistake. Woke up Monday morning and felt so, so nauseous. I powered through and we went on to BeBe and D-Daddy's house. We did a lot of hanging out and this is the only picture I got! 

I took 2 naps that day, which is NOT like me at all! I think yesterday is what my mom would call the migraine hangover where your head just plain hurts from hurting! Today is the first day I haven't been nauseous or my head hasn't hurt. I want to run SO badly, but am so afraid to make my headache come back! I know this much... I will never drink so little water again!! Despite being so sick, I had an amazing weekend with my people. I love them so much and felt so loved on my birthday! Hope y'all had a good one, too!


Cristin said...

Sounds like an awesome bday weekend!! Love the bed head pics of Cade :)

I know exactly what you mean-migraine hangover! I get terrible migraines and the day after your head really is sore from hurting! Hope you have kicked it!

AEGriffith said...

Ok, these pictures are priceless! The boys wading in the water is just too cute! Glad you had a super fun weekend with your precious fam!!!!!


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