Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here's to ending the random hiatus'!

Blogging has been pretty sporadic around these parts. It's not so much that we are crazy busy or aren't really doing anything. It's more of I just haven't felt the need or desire to sit down and write. Probably because I just finished two different TV shows from start to finish. YIKES. Talk about a sucking out all of my thoughts.. I was obsessed. I get like that with books and TV shows. Anyway, I want to get back to documenting our little lives. Documenting the sometimes little fleeting thoughts that swarm around my head and the ones that probably aren't going to settle until I get them out. So two cheers to doing that, right?!

The boys stayed with Gammie last night. I haven't been a huge fan of leaving them for extended periods of time, but after the first time of doing it I realized how vitally important it was going to be for Matt and I to reconnect in that way. You know, the way before you were wiping leftover baby food off your shoulder...before you were saying, "Just take two more bites"... before expending most of your energy on those two little souls. In the end, we are better parents for it and I personally think that is probably the best gift we can give them anyway! 

After I dropped them off yesterday, I ran some of those errands you dread (or in my case don't do) when you have them with you (hello post office). I ran (as in physically) and got caught up on a couple of season finales (seriously Scandal??? Going to leave me with that ONE WORD???) and then just sat there. The house was clean, which meant I pretty much had nothing to do, which also made me realize just how busy those two little boys keep me! And after one hour of that I started feeling guilty for just sitting there and decided to go shopping and spend a lot of pretend money in my head (it was a lot. I bought some makeup at Sephora, some clothes, some fabric for some pillows and a whole new set of dishes. It was a blast). How's that for killing time?! After Matt got off work I took him to Anthropologie with me so HE could have a blast. He did. I assure you. We closed the night going to eat at Rosepepper in East Nashville with Chesley (my friend and photographer) and her hubs. She then made an excellent suggestion of going to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. It was a super fun night and I'm thinking we should probably make a habit of it! 

Matt had a golf tournament at work to play in today, so I ran (not physically...yet) to a local boutique and bought myself (for real this time..) a little pocket tank. SO excited about it. I then ran (physically this time)...wait for it..... FOUR WHOLE MILES! Y'all. I was so tired of hitting the wall at the 5k status, which is 3.1 miles. I told myself that today was the day and usually when I tell myself that, it happens. There was a lot of "why is this so hard for me" frustrating moments and I seriously high fived God at one point for getting me so far, but I did it. I wanted to stop, but I didn't and that was enough for today! 

So, it's been a nice little break. While I would be lying my dyed blonde head off if I said I wasn't ready to kiss them like crazy, I know it was good for all four of us. 

What do you do when you get a little time for yourself? Please share!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got time to yourselves! I always have great plans and intentions when someone takes my kids (which doesn't really happen now that we are away from family) but the reality is, once they are gone, I curl up with a good book, watch some TV, and catch up on blog reading. :)

April said...

Good for you and the hubby! Alone time is so important. Michael and I are due a date night ourselves. We love to get marathon shopping done and a nice dinner too.

Rachel Easley said...

Next time y'all have a date night in Nashville, we would love to join! We should do more stuff together :) hope y'all enjoyed Rosepepper. It's my fav Mexican restaurant!!


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