Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Par-tay, advice and good news!!

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend is Cade's first birthday party. I have got all of the major things done and just have a few little things here and there to do. I am determined to have it all done by Saturday, which would only leave me with set up! I know, though, that I will be sitting there Friday night making more stuff as I go along just because I have the time to. At least I know that about myself, right? 

The weather is now saying scattered thunderstorms with only a 40% chance of rain, which means a last minute decision on the location, probably. After Connor's party being in the high 70s in mid-March, I just knew Cade's was going to be scorching hot in mid May. But it is only a high of 69! I really can't believe that we are having such cool weather right now. I told Matt last night that it doesn't really feel like May at all.. more like end of February! 

Hopefully we will have some sunny days thrown in this week. It rained all weekend and all day yesterday. The boys do so much better when we are able to go outside and play. I do better because I live for sunshine AND the house stays clean since they aren't inside to destroy it! 

Speaking of destroying, Connor and I had a rough day yesterday. It all started at school when he paid me no attention when it came to obeying. It was like I was talking to a brick wall! Then when we got home I told him he needed to pick up the toys he had just dumped out of his toy box in his room. Y'all. I wish I would have taken a picture. Not only did he not clean up, but he made a mess twice the size. He kept telling me, "I just want you to help me" or "I just want you to DO it." That, to me, means that he is used to either a) it just being done for him or b) me helping him and doing most of it. Probably both.  So, I put my foot down and told him that I was not going to help him. Is 3 too young to make him clean up his toys by himself? I did end up helping him put all of the books up since he can't seem to figure out how to put them back on the shelf. Other than that, I just sat on his bed and guided him. Baby steps, I suppose. Any advice here would be much appreciated! 

As for the good news, we found out we are getting a new niece or nephew this December. Brent and Rachel are expecting #2!!! I cannot wait to hear if it is a boy or girl!!! They told us by mailing out this card to everyone. It was pretty cute as it was the LAST thing I was expecting to get in the mail! Of course, we called them immediately so I could get more details! 

image taken from Rachel's blog since I am too lazy to take a picture of our card!

Their kids will be almost exactly the age difference between ours. We have had someone in our family pregnant since almost every year since 2009! Me in 2009, Rachel in 2011, Me in 2011 and 2012, and now her again in 2013. Which means when we go out as a family we will have 4 kids 4 and under! With 4 siblings, this is going to end up to be one large family!!! And, I LOVE it!

I'm off to do some puzzles with the big boy while baby brother is napping. Here's to a better day! 


April said...

No expert here but we make Jonah pick up any toys he gets out every night before bed. Sometimes he does great and sometimes he pitches a fit but he still has to do it and he will be 3 in July. So I definitely don't think 3 is too young to do that chore. I think they just have differing attitudes given the day and circumstance....those terrible twos!

Katie said...

I try and make Meyer pick up his own toys, but I have a bad habit of jumping in just to get it done quicker and how I want it done. OCD issues over here. That announcement is so cute!!! At first glance, I thought you were telling us something!! haha!

Anonymous said...

I am no expert either, that's for sure, but I feel as soon as they can, it is good to start having them do their own chores. They change by age, but I don't think it's unreasonable at all to have him picking up his toys. You are doing a good job Mama!

I love the announcement card your family sent out! So cute, and how exciting!


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