Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The days are long, but the years fly by

Have you ever heard that phrase? I had, but I didn't know how true it was until I had kids. Not all days are long, but then there are those that "long" doesn't even describe. Either way, it doesn't matter because the years truly do fly by. As I was thinking about that a few days ago, I was also thinking about all the things that make me smile during these days we are in now. I know what these days consist of are going to change and I don't want to forget some of the things now. 

**If we are outside and a loud noise (plane, big truck, etc) goes by Connor will cup his hand around his ear and say, "Do you hear that, Mommy? It's a _____". His hand cupping his ear is so sweet to me. 

**Cade isn't standing on his own yet, but right before you pick him up (whether he be in his bed or standing holding onto something else) he will let go and be standing perfectly fine on his own. I love that he abandons all sense of security because he knows we are about to pick him up.

**Now that Connor has a big boy bed, he is a little bit harder to put to bed. Which is all of our fault because I don't think either one of us can deny him the act of cuddling! We don't lay down with him every night and some nights he will go right to sleep. A few nights ago he didn't and started yelling this out: 
"Mommy! I forgot to tell you somefing!
*30 second pause*
Mommy? Is that you? Are you coming? Are you? Are you, Mommy? Arrrrrreeeee yoooooouuu?
*30 second pause*
Mommy, do you hear me? Are you hear me? I have to tell you somefing. Ummm... Mommy? You forgot to do a Bible story. You forgot. 

By this point, I was dying laughing. Of course, I went in there and told that sweet boy a Bible story! (and, yes, we had forgotten to read out of his Bible. Well, I had forgotten. He, clearly, had not!)

**I have mentioned before that we call Cade the destructor. He has his normal areas he likes to destroy. The magazines, the tuppeware cabinet, the puzzle basket, any and every bookshelf and pretty much anything else that is within his reach. As soon as we see him going towards those areas all we have to say is "Cade Daniel" and he kicks it into high gear just laughing the entire way. He crawls so fast that I'm really not sure how he doesn't get tripped up over his hands. 

**If Connor wants to go outside, he will go into my room and bring me my flip flops. Only he calls them "flippers" and he demands to put them on for me. To the point that if I put them on myself he wants me to take them off so he can put them on. I sure do love that sweet heart! 

**A few days a week Cade will wake up earlier than Connor during nap time. On those days I have to do everything in my power to keep him from banging on Connor's door. There is no amount of distraction that will make him forget about it! While they already fuss at each other.. a lot.. he sure does love having his big brother around!

Of course, in addition to all of that I hope I will never forget the way Connor wakes up, hair going every which way, and comes out of his room carrying all of his stuffed animals. How his face lights up when I get excited to see him. How he throws his animals down to give me hug. 

How Cade will crawl to me and lay his head in my lap and give me the open mouth slobbery kiss. 

Yes, these boys keep me super busy. There are days that I don't sit down except to eat, which can make for a very long day. But I know with how fast these years go by that, before long, the days are going to look much, much different and I will long for these days of so much interaction!


April said...

So sweet and so true about how the time flies. I love all the pics of your boys.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are just seriously so cute!

Katie said...

Sweet boys! I love this. There are so many moments I want to remember about right this minute in time. Crack me up about Connor and bedtime. Meyer is the exact same way...always another story or drink of water or snuggle...they are tricky little things!


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