Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthday Wishlist!!!

Every few years my birthday falls on the weekend of Memorial Day, which is perfect because I love me some family time. This year is even better because Matt is off on the day of my birthday. Holla! (does anyone say that anymore? Oh, well. I just did!)  I told Matt that for my birthday I wanted to go on a family hiking trip and do a scavenger hunt with Connor. I have a list of things that you would typically find in the woods ready to go. I should probably print off the pictures so that he will be able to be more involved in it.

Now, with that said here are some things I have my eye on to get with my birthday money!
1. Nike shorts-obsessed with those colors!!
2. pink sports bra
3. ridiculously expensive socks
4. ridiculously cute workout top
1. monogrammed hat?? Yes, please!
2. new sunnies
3. swim suit
4. this entire outfit... LOVE scalloped shorts!
5. the one and only Naked palette

1. dinnerware set from Anthropologie
2. pink/grey iphone case
3. Yellow/blue iphone case
4. frames for a gallery wall from ikea

So, what am I forgetting?? Any must haves that you want to share?! 

We are headed to the zoo. Determined to get outside and enjoy this nice weather before summer gets here and it gets too hot! I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE Memorial Day!!! Here's to entering the last year of my TWENTIES!!!

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at your "holla" comment, haha!

Fun birthday wish lists! So, I just stopped by Target yesterday in hopes of picking up these new Lulu knock-off workout tops that they just got in, but they were all the wrong size, with only a few left. I think the whole city heard about them getting these in and rushed in and bought them. I think I will just go online and order some.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


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