Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Connor's Sticker Chart Reward

A few months back we started a sticker chart for good behavior (and we removed stickers with bad behavior). When asked what he wanted his reward to be, he was quick to say "the jumpy houses".  We were having a hard time finding the time to go since they were closed to the public on the weekends  and it was important to us for Matt and I both to be there. 

The weekend of Easter I noticed that they were open later on Friday due to it being Spring Break. He was SO excited to get to go with both of us and kept saying, "I filled up my sticker chart!" 

don't ya love that fake smile? Sweet boy! 

He was quite hesitant when we first got there and I couldn't blame him. There were big kids running rampant and being quite rough. The first "obstacle" we went through he pretty much cried the whole time. I obviously didn't want him to be scared, but I knew he would love it if he just did it once. Thankfully, I wasn't wrong! 

Shortly after we got there the crowds thinned out quite a bit and it was much more enjoyable. 

He loved the basketball court

But the slides were his favorite. We tried to get him to go by himself, but we never got there. 

I told Matt when we left that I needed that time with him. I so loved being able to catch every single laugh and smile. One of my greatest joys is seeing their joy. It warms my heart to know he felt extra special that day, because he deserved it! 

I just love these pictures. Those goggles were cracking me up!!! 

We have already started another chart and I am already looking forward to our next fun reward. I am thinking bowling or a baseball game??? We will see!!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I am glad you guys had a great time. It is so nice as a mom to get out and do those fun things with our kiddos! {I love those goggle pictures too, haha!}

Audra said...

I love that he was so excited about filling up the chart! That's a great idea. The goggle pictures....I have no words!! So darn cute!

Katie said...

Great idea! I would love to hear more details about the reward chart. What all does he get a sticker for? The pictures of you and that sweet boy just melt my heart! Isn't it amazing having a little one on one time with the big boys?


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