Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A little spring in our step

I don't know about you, but I am ready for spring. Even more so that it is technically... you know...spring. There is another certain someone in our house that feels the same way. That certain someone is willing to brave the pretty chilly weather as long as the sun is shining. The same certain someone that will come inside with bright red hands, cheeks, nose and ears and proclaim, "It's getting warmer out there, Mommy!"

It never fails that the days it is the most warm are the days we are in school. Of course, those are the most hectic afternoons. We get home, clean up from the tornado we brought on trying to get out the door that morning and then it is time to cook supper. Last week I finally decided to let Connor play right outside while I was doing dishes (I cannot cook with a dirty kitchen..tell me I'm not the only one!) since I could see him through the window. I know that might sound a little overprotective, but we don't have a fenced in back yard and every single neighbor around us has multiple dogs. We have had a few problems with some of them (2 of them being pit bulls), so that is why I have been hesitant. 

I have to admit it was pretty cute seeing him playing all by himself. Going in the house to grab a plate, out to the grill, back in the house to grab a cup. Just further proof that he is growing up and his imagination is growing with him. 

I went out a few times to just check on him. 

On the third or fourth time (hey, no judging!) he saw me and took off. And I melted. 
I love that blurry form of my big boy running towards me. 

It's even better when half way his pants fall down due to him forgetting to button them up! 

Because the more imaginative, independent play isn't the only thing that is making my boy seem bigger. A little something he picked up at the golf course with his daddy, uncle and grandfather. The thing that is apparently the key to becoming a man. The thing that he loves doing and thinks is hilarious.

Boys will be boys is what I hear. Now to teach him that boys need to be boys behind the house. ;)

These few days of minor warmth have definitely given us the itch for spring. 

Until then, we will just have to take advantage of every day it is possible to get outside!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh... I would be nervous about the dogs too! My cousin just went for a run the other day and got attacked by a pit ball and ended up in the hospital. The lady with the dog was just bent over picking up his droppings, had him on a leash and everything and my cousin went to run around them and the dog attacked! How scary!

By the way, love the backyard set-up for the kids! Fun!


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