Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

I will just tell you up front. This is picture heavy!! 

Every year since Connor has been born, Pam (Gammie) has had to work on Easter weekend. At the last minute this year she got off, so we decided to go to her house and celebrate. We had a busy weekend full of all kinds of Easter related fun! It all started Saturday morning when we died Easter eggs. Connor had a blast and was so good and cautious. He is so good at being slow and gentle when he wants to :)

The picture with the mirror just makes me laugh. They went to blow them with the hairdryer and he grabbed the mirror while they were in there and held it up like that the entire time she was drying them. Love that toddler logic!

My poor little Cade woke up on Wednesday with a fever that lasted for 2 days (with a high on Wednesday night of 104.9. He was pitiful). Thankfully, he didn't have one after Friday, but he woke up Saturday morning all full of the junk. I swear, he can't catch a break! Anyway, he was EXTREMELY unimpressed with the egg dying ;)

After we put him down for a little nap, we headed to the club to grab a picture with the Easter bunny and do an egg hunt. I really didn't think Cade would cry, but he proved me wrong. I don't think it helped that he didn't feel good!

Connor would have nothing to do with the bunny. In fact, on the way out we had to walk past him (I was holding him) and he screamed the most guttural scream I have ever heard and about climbed up on top of my shoulder. Bless.

The egg hunt, though? He was all about it! He was so good standing there waiting on them to say go. I love my sweet boy! 

While this boy is a little bit of a momma's boy, he sure does love his daddy. They make me melt, really. 

It's a good thing they had eggs laying everywhere, because my cautious boy wouldn't have gotten any had they not. Aggressive, he is not! 

Cade even got a few eggs. He even put it into his bag by himself. My baby is getting so big! 

In the middle of the hunt, when Connor noticed Cade was putting an egg in his basket, he came over and gave him some more. It makes my heart swell just thinking about it. I am so proud of the big brother he is! 

After their naps, we had a visit from Nana and Papa and Aunt Kim. They brought Connor his birthday presents and both boys little Easter goodies. We had a good visit and I, of course, didn't get one picture! 

That night I had set the boys' Easter baskets up for them to see first thing in the morning. We didn't have church until 10:30, so I knew we would have all the time in the world to do this beforehand! 

Connor was so excited to see what the Easter bunny left him (although, he was also very intent on finding out that bunnys exact location before he rounded that corner!). 
Seriously?! He looks way too old here.

Cade was not a fan of the "grass". 

After church we came back to eat a wonderfully huge meal. Connor was all sweaty and tired from running around with Layla. He cried when we left because he wanted to stay with her! 

If Cade is even the least bit hungry or tired, he doesn't want me to put him down. I just had to get a picture of their sweetness, though.

That hair. I die!

Connor is getting so much better at sweet gentle kisses and he is one of the only ones that Cade will consistently give them to! 

After lunch we had a little mini egg hunt inside since it was raining. Connor was all about it since there were no bigger kids running around! 
Yes, that is Cade about to go all swiper on Connor. Bad habits die hard. You may also see sweet Uncle Kyle following Connor around with his basket. He is such a good uncle!!

Cade man was feeling better and had a great time shaking the eggs and knocking them together. 

This little love kind of has me whipped. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, either. 

See what I mean? If there is anything my boys know, it is love. That is for sure!


April said...

Your boys are adorable. I hope Cade is feeling better now. I love their Easter outfits and that pink checked shirt on Connor is too cute! Where did you get/make their Easter baskets? I love that they are cloth.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a great Easter with your family. The boys' outfits were adorable, and can I just say Connor's hair is to die for?? I *love* it!

Katie said...

LOVE all the pictures, but the ones of the boys in their Easter outfits....ahhhhh I DIE!!! You have 2 of the most beautiful boys out there:)


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