Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cade Daniel: eleven months

CADE! Only one month left until I am supposed to start telling people you are ONE. I can't believe it.

We went to the dr last week for a little stomach virus. This was your first time to throw up and I didn't even know you had gotten sick until I walked in the room to get you out of bed and I could smell it before I saw it. I felt horrible that I didn't hear you through the monitor, but after getting sick a few more times that day I realized that you did it and then went about your business without as much as a whimper! You weighed in at 21.6 lbs after 24 hours of eating basically nothing. You are about a month ahead of your big brother on the scale there, little bit!  I'll, of course, get more at your dr appt next month.

Your busyness hasn't slowed down much. If anything, I think it increased. You are oh so destructive. I think I might have one magazine with a cover on it.. and that is probably because I just got it in the mail. You will rip it into tiny little pieces. I love seeing that sweet pincer grasp!

You have to be doing whatever your big brother is doing at all times. He is your idol, which sometimes leads you to either a)forget you are little or b)get frustrated that you can't go like he does. 

He is also the one you will get the most mad at. You have taken to letting him know how you feel if he takes his toy away from you. You will let out the loudest and maddest scream and have even taken to swatting at him a few times. 

But, he is also the one that you are searching for every single afternoon that you wake up. We walk into the living room and your whole body is swiveling around looking for him. 

You LOVE the bathroom. Love it. To the point that we have to keep the door shut. If not, you will be in that toilet just splashing away. Busy, I tell ya!

You are so good at playing by yourself. A few weekends ago, we just sat you on a quilt outside while we got some work done and you would just play and make funny faces at us when we looked at you. Of course, you would let me know that you preferred me to play with you if I got real close :)

You still haven't formed any words, but I do think bubba is going to be your first one. You start saying something that sounds like it when Connor is around, so that is the only thing I can imagine it would be. 

You had another little tooth pop in. This time it was a bottom one. I think those eye teeth might come through before the other bottom one does and I am SO ready for them to. You have taken to waking up a few nights a week and, brother. You aren't easy to get back down! Every single time I say I am not going to pick you up, just lay you down and pat your back, but you practically jump into my arms as soon as I get close to the crib. I think sometimes I keep you up from kissing you all over, but I just can't help it if you are near me. 

You have taken to crawling around (Oh, did I mention you are full fledge crawling now?) with something in your hand. I saw you coming down the hall with a ball and I had an instant flashback of your brother doing the same thing. 

They look NOTHING alike to me here!!

After cruising along furniture all month, you finally gathered the courage to start walking behind your push toys about 3 days before your 11 month birthday. You are pretty steady for this being your first time!!

I cannot believe that I am starting to plan your one year birthday party. It is unbelievable that it has been that long that you have been here! You keep us on our toes and keep us laughing and smiling baby boy! We love you the whole wide world and then some!!!


Anonymous said...

Next month a year?! Crazy! Will you do a birthday party? If so, do you have a theme picked out? I already am planning LB's in my mind. :)

Joanna said...

what a beautiful family! looking forward to following along

Kelli Kegley said...

Briana- I know, right?! I don't have a theme, per se, but focusing on gray, yellow and light blue for decor. I am going to paint "You are my Sunshine" on a canvas for one of the decorations, so that will loosely be my theme, maybe! I can't wait to hear what you have planned!!


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