Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebrating Connor's Third Season

Once Connor decided he wanted to be a football player for Halloween, it was pretty easy to figure out what his birthday theme was. I wanted it to be somewhat vintag-y and not a full on sports theme. I also wanted it to be fun for the kids. We have an acre of land, so my biggest hope was that we could just have it at our house. This was a pretty big risk seeing that the party was in the middle of March, but the weather was perfect. Hot, actually. Like put on some sunscreen, the cupcakes were kind of melting, hot. But I couldn't have been more thankful. 

I didn't really do much in the way of food. The party was at 2, so snacks were all that was really needed anyway. I bought a bag of cheeto popcorn and cheddar chex mix (orange for Tennessee), made some rice krispy treats and cupcakes, put together some fruit skewers (errr..actually, Gammie put the fruit skewers together) and called it a day. I was that lame mom that didn't have anything to drink but water, but can I admit something? It would have clashed hard core with the table and that bothered me. HA! I thought that maybe the parents would thank me for less sugar...maybe??

We had a lot of family and friends there, which is my happy place. Throw in getting to celebrate the life of my boy with those we love? Perfection. There are a ton of pictures (thanks to aunt april for of these), so I'll let them do the talking. 

Family and friends:
Cade with his d-daddy. No words to describe my love for these pictures.

Pappie (top middle) didn't actually sleep during the party.. ha! This was well before!)

Don't you love their shirts?! So sweet! These two threw down and got stuff ready for me last minute. Couldn't have done it without them! Uncle Josh can put some twine around mason jars like nobodies business ;)


Another reason I reeeeeally wanted it at our house was because I wanted to have a real miniature football field! Our handy D-daddy built the goal posts for us and him and Matt sprayed the field (all with a T in the middle) that morning. I didn't do a good job of trying to organize a little game, but you live and you learn. Good thing is Connor is still playing out there on it!  

Aunt Rachel, Uncle Brent and Rowen gave him some bubbles in their gift. They were a huge hit!!

The kids favorite game at school is duck, duck, goose. I love watching them play as much as they love playing it! The big kids were such good sports to play along with them. Such good examples for these little ones!!!!

I also made this...well, whatever you want to call it, for them to throw some footballs through. I realized as I was cutting the T out that it wasn't going to work. Bummer! 

I love Josie (top middle) here. Girlfriend has no clue she is two years younger. She got in there with the rest of them. Love these 2nd children mentalities!! I also laugh every single time I see the pic of Row (bottom right). I realize he is my nephew and all, but he is just too cute for words! He isn't quite 18 months and was in there with the big kids, too! 

Singing Happy Birthday 

Once again he got embarrassed. It didn't help that he was worn out and so hot. I asked him at least 5 times if we could change into shorts, but he wasn't about to get out of those football pants!

Opening presents: 

This succession of pictures melts me. My goodness, I love these two! 

My sweet boy telling everyone thank you for his presents and for coming. 

Connor told me later that night, "Mommy. I liked my football party." That, my friends, was the proverbial "cherry on top" of an already perfect day. 


April said...

What a cute party! So glad you had it that weekend we had good weather here in TN. Last weekend would have been awful. Looks like a fun time!

Tami said...

What an ADORABLE party! You did such an awesome job and I love that Connor loved it so much. That is the true definition of the perfect party!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! What a *cute* party idea, and I love how much everyone got involved with their wardrobe! The aunt and uncle shirts are awesome!

I have a ton of mason jars at our house, so I may steal the idea for drinking glasses for the kids' parties this summer!

Your hair is beautiful, Kelli! I didn't realize it was so long.


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